Applied History, Volume 1, Issue 5

Front Cover
Benjamin Franklin Shambaugh
State Historical Society of Iowa., 1912 - Iowa

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Page 76 - ... election, or on account of such person or any other person having voted or refrained from voting, or being about to vote or refrain from voting at such election, shall be guilty of treating.
Page 99 - ... and in addition forfeits any office to which he may have been elected at the election with reference to which such offense was committed, and becomes incapable of holding any public office under the constitution and laws of this state for a period of five years after such conviction.
Page 77 - ... intimidation upon or against any person in order to induce or compel such person to vote or refrain from voting...
Page 89 - ... and shall at the same time deliver to the candidate or treasurer of the political organization whose success or defeat he has sought to promote, a duplicate of such statement and a copy of such vouchers. The books of account of every treasurer of any political party, committee, or organization, during an election campaign, shall be open at all reasonable office hours to the inspection of the treasurer and chairman of any opposing political party or organization for the same electoral district;...
Page 31 - ... hours between the time of opening and the time of closing the polls, and such voter shall not because of so absenting himself be liable to any penalty, nor shall any deduction be made on account of such absence from his usual salary or wages.
Page 60 - Officeholders are the agents of the people, not their masters. Not only is their time and labor due to the Government, but they should scrupulously avoid in their political action, as well as in the discharge of their official duty, offending by a display of obtrusive partisanship their neighbors who have relations with them as public officials.
Page 80 - Nor shall it be lawful for any person, directly or indirectly, to make a bet or wager with a voter, depending upon the result of any election, with the intent thereby to procure the challenge of such voter, or to prevent him from voting at such election.
Page 23 - ... shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof, shall be fined not less than one hundred dollars nor more than one thousand dollars and be imprisoned in the county jail not less than thirty days...
Page 31 - Any person entitled to vote at any election held within this state shall, on the day of such election be entitled to absent himself from any service or employment in which he...
Page 17 - Any person who shall furnish an elector who cannot read with a ticket, informing him that it contains a name or names different from those which are written or printed thereon, with an intent to induce him to vote contrary to his inclination, or...

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