India, Burma, Ceylon and South Africa: Information for Travellers and Residents

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Thos. Cook, 1903 - Burma - 228 pages
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Page 78 - Dr. Burnell says in his pamphlet, The Great Temple of Tanjore : ' ' This temple is really the most remarkable of all the temples in the extreme S. of India ; is one of the oldest ; and as it has been preserved with little alteration, if not, perhaps, the largest, it is the best specimen of the style of architecture peculiar to India S. of Madras. " This style arose under the Chola (or Tanjore) kings in the llth century AD, when nearly all the great temples to Shiva in S.
Page 199 - INDEPENDENT TICKETS.— COOK'S Tickets are available all over the World, either for simple journeys or the most complex Tours, and give special facilities with regard to break of journey and conveyance of luggage. Interpreters, in uniform, are in attendance at principal stations and seaports to render assistance to holders of COOK'S Tickets. INCLUSIVE INDEPENDENT TRAVEL— The acme of Travel without trouble is attained by the above method. By it the traveller journeys with absolute independence,...
Page 199 - Algeria, &c., according to season, at fares which include all expenses. Popular Holiday Tours. — Popular Holiday Tours, providing for travel ticket and hotel expenses, are arranged to all parts of Europe. These tours do not tie the tourist to any fixed daily programme, but leave him absolute freedom of movement. Ocean Travel Department.
Page 199 - Foreign moneys exchanged at most advantageous rates, and Circular Notes issued for all parts of the World. Travellers with Cook's Tickets may, for small premiums, insure their baggage against loss. Baggage and goods of every description may be stored or forwarded to any part of the World at lowest rates. HOTEL COUPONS. Hotel Coupons are issued...
Page 51 - From it railways have been made to bring to it the traffic of Gujrat in the north, Calcutta and the great towns of the Ganges valley in the east, Nagpur in the Central Provinces, and Madras in the south-east. After Madras it is the oldest British possession in India, having been ceded to Charles II. in 1661 as part of the dowry of his queen, Catherine of Portugal. The other great towns of the Presidency are Puna, south-east of Bombay, the former...
Page 78 - Over the gate is the date 1777, and over the facade of the church is 1779 AD In the centre, opposite the communion - table is a very fine group of. figures in white marble, by Flaxman, representing the death of Schwartz. The aged missionary is extended on his bed, and on his left stands the Raja Sharfoji, his pupil, with two attendants, while on his right is the missionary Kohlmer, and near the bottom of the bed are four boys. The inscription contains a summary of his career. The small house NW of...
Page 21 - When proceeding by sea, if their passage is provided at the public expense, Officers' families are allowed the following additional baggage : — • Regt.
Page 199 - TRAVEL.—Saloon and emigrant passage tickets are issued at lowest rates to South Africa, United States, Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, and all parts of the world. The accredited agents equally of every steamship line of repute, Thos. Cook & Son have no special interest to serve, but are in a position to give accurate and absolutely unbiassed information and guidance to their clients.
Page 55 - Indo-Gothic, that is to say, Gothic adapted to the exigencies of the Indian climate. The interior fittings are handsomely carved, and there are some fine monuments in the vestibule and transepts. The original east window was the gift of the Dean and Chapter of Windsor, the subject being "the Crucifixion,
Page 238 - Is 1 ,700 feet above Sea level and occupies the best Site in the Mountain Capital, overlooking the lovely Lake, Mountains, Esplanade, and the Ancient Temple of the Buddhist Religion, the Shrine of Buddha's Tooth. Within Three Minutes Drive of the Railway Station.

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