The condition and treatment of the children employed in the mines and collieries of the United Kingdom, compiled from the appendix to the first report of the Commissioners appointed to inquire into this subject [signed W.C.].

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Page 39 - ... to do it for them. They have nothing else to do; but, as their office must be performed from the repassing of the first to the passing of the last corve during the day, they are in the pit the whole time it is worked, frequently above 12 hours a day.
Page 50 - Women always did the lifting, or heavy part of the work, and neither they nor the children were treated like human beings ; nor are they where they are employed. Females submit to work in places where no man nor even lad could be got to labour in...
Page 26 - One of the most disgusting sights I have ever seen was that of young females, dressed like boys in trousers, crawling on all fours, with belts round their waists and chains passing between their legs...
Page 50 - In surveying the workings of an extensive colliery under ground," says Robert Bald, Esq., the eminent coal viewer, " a married woman came forward, groaning under an excessive weight of coals, trembling in every nerve, and almost unable to keep her knees from sinking under her. On coming up she said, in a plaintive and melancholy voice, ' Oh, sir, this is sore, sore, sore work. I wish to God that the first woman who tried to bear coals had broken her back, and never would have tried it again.
Page 28 - I always work without stockings, shoes, or trowsers. I wear nothing but a shift. I have to go up to the headings with the men. They are all naked there. I am got used to that." Report on Mines. "As to illicit sexual intercourse it seems to prevail universally, and from an early period of life.
Page 28 - I get my breakfast of porridge and milk first; I take my dinner with me, a cake, and eat it as I go; I do not stop or rest any time...
Page 48 - most interesting child, and perfectly beautiful." "The work is na guid," she said; "it is so very sair. I work with sister Jesse and mother; dinna ken the time we gang; it is gai...
Page 26 - In great numbers of the coal-pits in this district the men work in a state of perfect nakedness, and are in this state assisted in their labour by females of all ages, from girls of six years old to women of twenty-one, these females being themselves quite naked down to the waist.
Page 29 - I have drawn till I have had the skin off me; the belt and chain is worse when we are in the family way.
Page 48 - ... filled by the bearers. She then takes her creel (a basket formed to the back, not unlike a cockle-shell flattened towards the neck, so as to allow lumps of coal to rest on the back of the neck and shoulders), and pursues her journey to the wall-face, or, as it is here called, the room of work.

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