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President Clinton Hosts State Dinner for Jerry Rawlings, Ghana's President
Jerry J. Rawlings (Visit to the United States), White House (Washington, D.C.) (Entertaining)
White Supremacist Sentenced to Die for Dragging Death of Black Man in Jasper, TX.
John William King, James Byrd (Jr.) (Murder), Trials (Murder), Capital punishment (Texas), Sentences (Criminal procedure) (Texas), Jasper (Tex.) (Race relations)
Rev. Henry Lyons Found Guilty of Racketeering, Grand Theft
Henry Lyons (American clergyman.); 1942-, Trials (Florida), Black clergy (Professional ethics), National Baptist Convention of the United States of America (Finance)
Black American Spending Power Rises 7 Percent, Study Says
Black consumers
Two Black World War I Veterans Receive France's Highest Award
Herbert Young; 1886-1999, Robert Thomas, Legion of Honor, World War, 1914-1918 (Blacks)
Company Reneges on Promise of College Scholarships; Program Does Not Have Money
Val Adams, AdamsVision USA (Firm), Blacks (Scholarships)
Painting by Dyslexic Artist is Featured on 'Cosby' TV Show
Ralfie, Dyslexia, Black handicapped, Handicapped artists
Study Suggests Poor Cardiac Care Given Blacks and Women is Fault of Doctors' Prejudices
Blacks (Medical care), Discrimination in medicine, Cardiac catheterization, Women (Medical care)
Rodman Signs with Los Angeles Lakers
Dennis Rodman, Los Angeles Lakers (Basketball team)
Former Military Ruler Olusegun Obasanjo Elected President of Nigeria; He Becomes First Elected President in 15 Years
Olusegun Obasanjo; 1937-., Elections (Nigeria)

Ebony Executive Editor, U.S. Surgeon General and Ali Honored at Morehouse College
Lerone Bennett (American magazine editor and historian.); 1928-, David Satcher (American surgeon general.); 1941-, Muhammad Ali (American boxer.); 1942-, Morehouse College, Blacks (Awards)
Play Base on Caribbean Author Rosa Guy's Book Opens at Cab Calloway School of the Arts
Rosa Guy (American young adult novelist.), Cab Calloway School of the Performing Arts (Wilmington, Del.)
Muhammad Ali's Twin Daughters Discuss Their Close Bond and Their Famous Father
Jamillah Ali (daughter of Muhammad Ali.), Rasheda Ali-Walsh (American actress and daughter of boxer Muhammad Ali.), Muhammad Ali (American boxer.); 1942-, Twins
Black Music Stars Win Big at Grammy Awards
Grammy Awards

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