The Parsonage Between Two Manors: Annals of Clover-Reach

Front Cover
Bryan Printing Company, 1910 - Claverack (N.Y.) - 316 pages

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Page 310 - Sat down by his sunny doorway, Murmuring to himself, and saying: "Thus it is our daughters leave us, Those we love, and those who love us! Just when they have learned to help us, When we are old and lean upon them, Comes a youth with flaunting feathers, With his flute of reeds, a stranger Wanders piping through the village, Beckons to the fairest maiden, And she follows where he leads her, 163 Leaving all things for the stranger!
Page 65 - Welcome, mighty chief, once more, Welcome to this grateful shore: Now no mercenary foe Aims again the fatal blow, Aims at thee the fatal blow. Virgins fair, and matrons grave, These thy conquering arm did save, Build for thee triumphal bowers; Strew, ye fair, his way with flowers, Strew your Hero's way with flowers.
Page 241 - Grain like all the rest we have seen, much thrown out by the Frost of last Winter. Landing on the West Shore we found a Number of People fishing with a Sein ; they caught plenty of Shad and Herring and use Canoes altogether having long, neat and strong Ropes made by the People themselves of Elm Bark. Here we saw the first Indian a...
Page 255 - I know there are a number of flirts in Philadelphia, equally famed for their want of modesty and their want of patriotism, who will triumph in our over-complaisance to the red coat prisoners lately arrived in that metropolis. I hope none of my connections will imitate them, in the dress of their heads, or in the Tory feelings of their hearts.
Page 243 - Island said to be the Beginning of the Manor of Renslaerwic which extends on both Sides of the River, the Lords of Manors are called by the common People Patroons, Bearen Island or Bears Island just mentioned is reputed to be 12 Miles below Albany — Cojemans Houses with Two Grist Mills & Two Saw Mills stand a little above on the West Side and opposite is an Island of about Two Acres covered with young Button Wood Trees which Island, our Skipper says, has arisen there to his Knowledge within 16...
Page 254 - ... guard. K waited on the General, and he ordered the troops removed the next day, but then the mischief was done; everything is carried off that mamma had collected for her accommodation, so that it is impossible for her to go down to have the grapes and other things secured ; the very hinges, locks, and panes of glass are taken away.
Page 141 - Harrison for the defendant, says :— "After all came the great, the powerful Hamilton. No language can convey an adequate idea of the astonishing powers evinced by him. The audience was numerous, and although composed of those not " used to the melting mood," the effect produced on them was electric.
Page 258 - General Washington having been informed lately of the honor done him by Miss Kitty Livingston in wishing for a lock of his hair, takes the liberty of inclosing one, accompanied .by his most respectful compliments. "Camp, Valley Forge, 18th Mar., 1778.
Page 203 - As the time at which the boat may arrive at the different places above mentioned may vary an hour more or less, according to the advantage or disadvantage of wind and tide, those who wish to come on board will see the necessity of being on the spot an hour before the time.
Page 241 - Pouch. The Tavern of this Place is most wretched. Trees are out in Leaf. Cattle and Sheep, nothing different from ours, are now feeding on the Grass which seems to be nearly as forward as with us when we left Burlington, the Trees quite as forward & the White Pine is common. One Shad taken with the rest had a Lamprey Eel about 7 Inches long fastened to his Back. I was informed here by a person concerned in measuring it that the Distance from Kaatskill Landing to Schoharie is 32^ Miles reckoned to...

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