Aeschines against Ctesiphon: (On the crown)

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Ginn, 1889 - 279 pages

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Page 187 - Hennae, or half-statues of the god Hermes, were blocks of marble about the height of the human figure. The upper part was cut into a head, face, neck, and bust ; the lower part was left as a quadrangular pillar, broad at the base, without arms, body, or legs, but with the significant mark of the male sex in front. They were distributed in great numbers throughout Athens, and always in the most conspicuous situations...
Page 109 - Euripi non septiens die, sicut fama fert, temporibus statis reciprocat, sed temeré in modum venti nunc hue nunc illuc verso mari velut monte praecipiti devolutus torrens rapitur. ita nee nocte nee die 11 quies navibus datur.
Page 248 - Esq. New York. William Whale. 18mo. EDUCATION. The Orations of ^Eschines and Demosthenes on the Crown, with Modern Greek Prolegomena, and English Notes. By Alexander Negris. Boston. Hilliard, Gray, & Co. 8vo. pp. 296. The New Speaker, or Exercises in Rhetoric. By William B. Fowle. Boston. Hilliard, Gray, & Co. 12mo. pp. 376. Publius Virgilius Maro. Bucolica, Geojgica, et ^Eneis.
Page 241 - So fine a peroration is perhaps not in any language to be found ; it probably suggested to his great rival the celebrated oath which has long stood, by universal consent, first among the remarkable passages of perfect eloquence. But ^Eschines was obliged to compose himself after this burst; and he added the two sentences, one of...
Page 211 - The contrast is not between denouncing offences singly and in the lump, but between denouncing pernicious counsels, or suggesting better ones, at the time of action, and making criminal charges when the time for action is past.
Page 189 - Poecile vocatur, cum pugna depingeretur Marathonia, ut in decem Praetorum numero prima ejus imago poneretur, isque hortaretur milites, praeliumque committeret.
Page 172 - actio... in dicendo una dominatur. sine hac summus orator esse in numero nullo potest, mediocris hac instructus summos saepe superare, huic primas dédisse Demosthenes dicitur, cum rogaretur quid in dicendo esset primum, huic secundas, huic tertias'.
Page 3 - Their number was originally thirty, but was increased to forty after the expulsion of the thirty tyrants and the restoration of the democracy by Thrasybulus, in consequence, it is said, of the hatred of the Athenians to the number thirty.

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