Miscellaneous Works: Comprising An Inquiry Into the Antiquity of the Small-pox, Measles, and Scarlet Fever, Now First Published; Reports on the Diseases in London, a New Ed.; and Detached Papers on Medical Subjects, Collected from Various Periodical Publications. Ed. by Ashby Smith

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Cadell, 1821 - Diseases - 488 pages

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Page 394 - state of emigration, and shifting their quarters; and might have come, as far as we know, from the great hop-plantations of Kent or Sussex, the wind being all that day in the easterly quarter. They were observed, at the same time, in great clouds, about Farnham, and all along the Vale from Farnham to Alton.
Page 246 - On comparing my own observations with the Bills of Mortality, I am convinced, that considerably more than one-eighth of all the deaths which take place in persons above twenty years old, happen prematurely through excess in drinking spirits. These pernicious liquors are generally supposed to have an immediate and specific effect on the liver; which
Page 304 - has related (in the Transactions of a Society for the Improvement of Medical and Chirurgical Knowledge, Vol. ii.
Page 86 - leves : turn vapor ipsam Corporis arcem flammeus urit Multoque genas sanguine tendit, Oculique rigent, et sacer Ignis Pascitur artus. Resonant aures Stillatque niger naris aduncae Cruor, et venas rumpit hiantes. Intima creber viscera quassat Gemitus stridens,
Page 312 - in the Transactions of a Society for the Improvement of Medical and Chirurgical Knowledge, Vol. I. p.
Page 210 - spots appear first on the legs; and afterwards, without any certain order, on the thighs, arms, and trunk of the body. Their primary colour is a bright red, but this, within a day or two, changes to a purple or livid hue. They are
Page 147 - whose parents kept a shop in a court, consisting of about twenty houses. As the inhabitants repaired every day for necessary articles to the source of infection, the consequence was, that seventeen persons were affected with the Small-pox in the natural way, within a fortnight after the child's recovery ; and eight of them died of the disease.
Page 16 - was disgraced, by a visible decrease of the human species, which has never been repaired in some of the fairest countries of the globe.
Page 362 - in the same bed; there being, in general, but one room, and one bed, for each family. To the above circumstances may be added, that the room occupied is either a deep cellar, almost
Page 362 - of the poor, with respect to bedding, and by a total neglect of ventilation in their narrow, crowded dwellings. It will scarcely appear credible, though it is precisely true, that persons of the lowest class do not put clean sheets on their beds three times a year; that, even where no sheets are used, they never wash or scour their blankets

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