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The Cat on the Mat Is Flat

Editorial Review - Books+Publishing - Thorpe-Bowker and Contributors

The appeal of this book is its simplicity-rhyme, rhythm and repetition, combined with wicked illustrations by Terry Denton. Griffiths' is well known for writing books that encourage reluctant readers of all ages to enjoy reading. This book is no different. Even simpler than Griffiths' previous work, The Cat on the Mat is Flat will appeal to readers not wanting a book with long, wordy chapters ... Read full review


Editorial Review - Kirkus - Jane Doe

" ‘Alas! Alack!' said Harry Black. / ‘I cannot give that yak a whack! / or he'll attack me with that tack!' " The creators of the aptly titled Just Disgusting (2004) reunite for nine rhymed romps, including the adventures of ducks Chuck and Buck and a muck-sucking truck, Ed and Ted co-habiting a shed and the pursuit of the ill-fated titular feline by a rat with a baseball bat. Paired to a few ... Read full review

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