In Afric's Forest and Jungle: Or, Six Years Among the Yorubans

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Pickering & Inglis, 1900 - Africa - 282 pages

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Page 285 - The Islands, their People and Missions. By Rev. RB PEERY, AM, Ph.D. "A comprehensive and lucid account of the chief natural features and national characteristics of Japan.
Page 298 - Christian Missions and Social Progress" A Sociological Study of foreign Missions. By Rev. JAMES DENNIS, DD, Author of " Foreign Missions After a Century.
Page 284 - One of the most interesting books on missions we have ever come across. . . A thoroughly interesting and valuable book." — Glasgow Herald. " If one were called upon to select from all missionary literature three of the most fascinating stories of modern missions, he could hardly choose any of more romantic and heroic interest than the career of John Williams in the South Seas, of Robert W. McAll in France, and of George L. Mackay in Formosa, each of which covers about twenty-two years.
Page 295 - OLIPHANT, ANDERSON & FERRIER, ST. MARY STREET, EDINBURGH; 21 PATERNOSTER SQUARE, LONDON. EG Post 8vo, Cloth Extra, with Portrait and Seven Illustrations, Price 35. 6d. "In the Tiger Jungle" By Rev. JACOB CHAMBERLAIN, MD, DD "A capital collection of stories and sketches of mission work among the Telugus of South India." — British Weekly. "Dr. Chamberlain has given us here a fascinating volume, calculated to create and sustain a deep interest in missionary labours. It is worthy of a place in every...
Page 286 - It is scarcely enough to say about this book that it is both interesting and valuable. Those best informed call it without exception the best book on the Chinese that is before the public, and a pretty careful survey of it confirms that opinion.
Page 293 - Crown 8vo, Cloth Extra, with Map and Twenty-Two Illustrations, Price 33. 6d. "A Life for Africa." A Biography of the Rev. AC Good, Ph.D., Missionary in Equatorial Central Africa. By ELLEN C. PARSONS, MA "An intensely interesting record of twelve years' work in Equatorial West Africa.
Page 284 - The accumulative experience of a keen observer like the author, a man who has spent nearly twenty-five years in Formosa, ought to count for something at home, and when he says that all of it points to the one great conclusion, the training of native missionaries for native work, home authorities should take the proposition seriously to heart."— North British Daily Mail. "Possesses much scientific and ethnologic interest. We have been so impressed with its value that we have put it in the hands...
Page 292 - Dr. Elmslie gives an interesting account of the tribe and their customs, and of his own labours, as of those of his colleagues, among them." — Spectator. "In this volume he has at once done a real service to missions, and has made a most valuable and interesting addition to the fast-growing literature of Central Africa.
Page 294 - Mr. Goldie, besides giving the history of the rise and progress of the mission, enters into the life, the manners, customs, etc., of the people, and gives much most valuable information to the student of mankind. It is much to be hoped that Mr. Goldie would give a book on the life, manners, customs, tales, riddles of the people, etc. No one is fitted to do such a work so well, as is shown by the way he has executed the work now under notice." — Aberdeen Journal. "Will be found a very acceptable...

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