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VANITY OF DULUOZ: An Adventurous Education, 1935-46

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Kerouac has already passed into legend, but the legend grows dimmer with each "new" book. Allen Ginsberg, his much more public-minded friend, continues as press agent, ("a long page of oceanic Kerouac is sometimes as sublime as epic line...the best poet in the United States is Kerouac still"), yet the pronouncements sound like singing telegrams and not even the teenyboppers pay them much attention ... Read full review

Vanity of Duluoz: an adventurous education, 1935-46

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Published in 1968 (LJ 2/15/68) shortly before the author's untimely death the following year at age 47, this is more or less a biography of Kerouac's fictional alter ego, Jack Duluoz, which, of course ... Read full review

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