The letters of Horace Walpole, [ed. by J. Wright].

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To Sir Horace Mann Aug 28 Duke of Cumberlands illness 82 To George Montagu Esq Sept 1 Account of his tour to the north Which
To the Earl of Strafford Oct 26 Death of George the Second 96 To George Montagu Esq Oct 28 The new court Manners of the young
To the same Nov 13 Personal conduct of the new King Funeial
To the Hon H S Conway Feb 8 Mr Conways speech on the Qualifica
To the Hon H S Conway April 10 Prospect of peace Death of Sir Harry
To the same May 14 Jemmy Lumleys battle with Mrs Mackenzy Party
To the Hon H S Conway July 14 Apologies for not having written
To the Hon H S Conway July 23 Congratulations on the success of
To the Hon H S Conway Aug 5 Tomb of the Earl of Pembroke Wolfes
To the Hon H S Conway Sept 25 Delays in the treaty of peace
To the Countess of Ailesbury Oct 10 Mr Pitts resignation pension
To George Montagu Esq Nov 7 Sir John Custs nose Caricature of
To George Montagu Esq Feb 22 Violent storms Elopement of Lord
Harriss Hibernica The recent elopement 175 To the Countess otAilesbury March 5 Prospect of Peace Court dresses
To the same April 29 Death of Lady Charlotte Johnstone Efficacy
To George Montagu Esq Aug 10 Great drought Revolution in Russia
To the Rev Mr Cole Sept 30
To the Rev Mr Cole Nov 13
To the same April 6 Illness of Lord Waldegrave And of Mr Thomas
To the same April 14 Lady Waldegrave Botchedup administration
To George Montagu Esq May 17 Fete at Strawberry Hill Madame
To the same June 16
To George Montagu Esq July 23 Visit to Stamford Castle Ashby Easton
To the same Oct 3 Mrs Crosbys pictures Death of Mr Child Visit
To the Earl of Hertford Nov 17 Debates on the Kings Speech Wilkes
To the Earl of Hertford Nov 25 Mr Conways voting against the court
Irish politics
To the same Dec 16 City politics Unpopularity of the ministry Dis
To George Montagu Esq Jan 11 Visit to Lady Suffolk A Newyears
To the Rev Mr Cole Jan 31
To the same Feb 15 Great debates in the House of Commons on general
To George Montagu Esq Dec 16 State of the town Mr Dunnings pam
To the same Jan 27 Debates on the army estimates Sir William Pyn
To George Montagu Esq Feb 19 Congratulations on his health and cheer
To the Earl of Hertford March 26 Count deGuerchys pretended conspiracy
To Sir David Dalrymple April 21 The Castle of Otranto Old Ballads
To the same May 20 The King tbrbids Ihe Parliament to be prorogued
To George Montagu Esq May 26 Proceedings on the Regencybill Minis
To the same July 28 Reflections on loss of youth Entrance into old
To the Right Hon Lady Hervey Sept 3 Thanks for letters of introduction
To the Right Hon Lady Hervey Oct 3 Hdtel de Carnavalet Madame
To George Montagu Esq Oct 16 Illness at Paris Visit from Wilkes
To the Hon H S Conway Oct 29 Probable death of the Dauphin
To the Right Hon Lady Hervey Nov 28 Thanks for her introductions
To George Montagu Esq Jan 5 Robin Hood reform and Little John
To Mr Gray Jan 25 State of his health Making oneself tender
To the Right Hon Lady Hervey Feb 3 Madame de Geoffrins secret mis
To George Montagu Esq March 12 Colman and Garrick Mrs Clive
To George Montagu Esq May 25 Ministerial appointments Duke
To George Montagu Esq July 10 Expected change in the ministry
To the Hon H S Conway Oct 18 Lord Chatham wishes him to second
To George Montagu Esq Dec 12 Politics Ministerial negotiations
To the Rev Mr Cole Oct 24 Return to England 505 To George Montagu Esq Nov 1 General Conways refusal of the appoint
and epilogues Boswells Corsica General Paoli 509 To the same Feb 26 Historic Doubts Guthries answer thereto
To Mr Gray Feb 18 New edition of Grays Poems On his own writings
To the same June 6 History of Ely cathedral Cardinal Lewis de Luxem
To Monsieur de Voltaire July 27 Reply to Voltaires vindication of
To the Earl of Strafford Oct 10 Health and sickness Quiet of his present
To the same April 15 Temperance the best physician Easy mode of pre
passion for fame The Leasowes Instructions on domestic privacy 542 To the same June 26 Intended visit to Ely English summers Advice
To John Chute Esq Aug 30 Journey to Paris Lord Dacre and
To the same Oct 13 Return to England Congratulations on his friends

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Page 339 - And not many days after the younger son gathered all together, and took his journey into a far country, and there wasted his substance with riotous living.
Page 245 - For those that fly may fight again, Which he can never do that's slain.
Page 542 - Letters. Poor man ! he was always wishing for money, for fame, and other distinctions; and his whole philosophy consisted in living against his will in retirement, and in a place which his taste had adorned; but which he only enjoyed when people of note came to see and commend it : his correspondence is about nothing eke but this place and his own writings, with two or three neighbouring clergymen, who wrote verses too.
Page 515 - I am not yet intoxicated enough with it to think it would do for the stage, though I wish to see it acted ; but, as Mrs. Pritchard leaves the stage next month, I know nobody could play the Countess; nor am I disposed to expose myself to the impertinences of that jackanapes Garrick, who lets nothing appear but his own wretched stuff, or that of creatures still duller, who suffer him to alter their pieces as he pleases.
Page 29 - Indeed," says Horace Walpole, in his lively style, " one is forced to ask every " morning what victory there is, for fear of missing " one !
Page 52 - Sermons,' with his own comick figure, from a painting by Reynolds, at the head of them? They are in the style I think most proper for the pulpit, and show a strong imagination and a sensible heart ; but you see him often tottering on the verge of laughter, and ready to throw his periwig in the face of the audience.
Page 245 - But he that fights and runs away May live to fight another day.
Page 280 - I stood near him ; and his face, to use the expression of the Scripture of the first martyr— his face was as if it had been the face of an angel.
Page 169 - When we opened the chamber, in which were fifty people, with no light, but one tallow candle at the end, we tumbled over the bed of the child to whom the ghost comes, and whom they are murdering by inches in such insufferable heat and stench.
Page 118 - Yet to do the folks justice, they are sensible and reasonable, and civilized; their very language is polished since I lived among them. I attribute this to their more frequent intercourse with the world and the capital, by the help of good roads and postchaises, which, if they have abridged the King's dominions, have at least tamed his subjects.

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