Travels Into Poland, Russia, Sweden Et Denmark, Volume 5

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T. Cadell, 1791

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Page 313 - And when the sun begins to fling His flaring beams, me, Goddess, bring To arched walks of twilight groves, And shadows brown that Sylvan loves Of pine, or monumental oak, Where the rude axe with heaved stroke Was never heard the Nymphs to daunt, Or fright them from their hallowed haunt.
Page 491 - The History of the Reign of the Emperor Charles V. ; with a View of the Progress of Society in Europe, from the Subversion of the Roman Empire to the Beginning of the Sixteenth Century.
Page 491 - The Hiftory of Scotland, during the Reign of Queen Mary and of King James VI. till his Acceffion to the Crown of England; with a Review of the Scottijh Hiftory previous to that period ; and an Appendix, containing Original Papers, i vols.
Page 401 - Biren, become so famous by his great advancements, and his not less extraordinary reverses of fortune, was born in Courland, of a family of mean extraction. His grandfather had been head groom to James, the third Duke of Courland, and obtained from his master the present of a small estate in land In 1714, he made his appearance at St. Petersburg, and solicited the place of page to the Princess Charlotte, wife of the Tzarovitch Alexey; but being...
Page 73 - Boroughs," ibid. 1690, fol. reprinted 1704.' BRAHE (TYCHO), a very celebrated astronomer, de*scended from a noble and illustrious Danish family, was born in 1546 at Knudstorp, a small lordship near Helsingborg, in Scania. His father, Otto Brahe, having a large family, Tycho was educated under the care and at the expence of his uncle George Brahe, who, having no children, adopted him as his heir. Finding his nephew a boy of lively capacity, and though only...
Page 401 - Siren returned into Courland, and was appointed mailer huntfman to the duke. Erneft John his fecond fon was born in 1687, received the early part of his education in Courland, and was fent to the univerfity of Ko-nigfburg, where he continued till fome youthful imprudcncies compellc.d him to retire.
Page 90 - Tycho, indeed, was fo bigotted to his own hypothefis, and mewed, even in his laft moments, fuch an attachment to his own fyftem, as to defire his favourite fcholar, the great Kepler, to follow his fyftem rather than that of Copernicus, If we were to eftimate the merits of Tycho Brahe as an aftronomer, we mould compare the fcience as he left it with the ftate in which he found it.
Page 504 - Survivorfliip ; and on the National Debt. To which are added, new Tables of the Probabilities of Life ; and Eflays on the different Rates of Human Mortality in different Situations ; the Influences of great Towns on Population ; the Increafe of Mankind ; and other Subjects in Political Arithmetic, and the Doctrine of Annuities. By Richard Price, DDFRS A new Edition.
Page 505 - Effiayi on Agriculture: Containing an Account of Soils, and the Manner of correcting them. An Account of the Culture of all Field Plants...
Page 196 - ... baked in fmall cakes about the fize and thicknefs of a pancake ; it is ufually made twice a year. I obferved a woman employed in preparing it: having placed over the fire a round iron plate...

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