Bibliotheca psychologica: oder, Verzeichniss der wichtigsten über das Wesen der Menschen und Thierseelen, und die unsterblichkeitslehre handelnden Schriftsteller älterer und neuerer Zeit

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W. Engelmann, 1845 - Immortality - 60 pages
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Page 11 - An Epistolary Discourse, proving, from the Scriptures and the first Fathers, that the Soul is a Principle naturally mortal, but immortalized actually by the pleasure of God, to Punishment, or to Reward, by its Union with the Divine Baptismal Spirit. Wherein is proved, that none have the Power of giving this Divine Immortalizing Spirit, since the Apostles, but only the Bishops.
Page 42 - Essai sur les dogmes de la métempsycose et du purgatoire, enseignés par les bramines lie l'Hindoustan, suivi d'un récit abrégé des dernières révolutions et de l'état présent de cet empire (traduit de l'anglais d'Alexandre Dow), Berne, 1771, 2 part, petit in-8°.
Page 33 - Observations on the Writings of that Philosopher. To which is annexed, a Psychology ; or, an abstract investigation of the nature of the Soul; in which the opinions of all the celebrated Metaphysicians on that subject are discussed.
Page 20 - An Attempt to prove the Materiality of the Soul, by Reason and Scripture. With an Appendix, shewing the Influence of this Opinion upon the F ing the aith and Practice of Christians. . . . Newcastle, 1789, 8*.
Page 10 - L'autre livre de cet auteur n'est que la seconde Edition; il porte ce titre: Second thougts concerning human soul demonstrating the notion of human soul, as believ'd to be a spiritual and immaterial subslance united to human body to be an invention of heathens, and no consonant to the principles of philosophy, reason or religion.
Page 11 - The Scripture Account of the Eternal Rewards or Punishments of all that hear of the Gospel, without an Immortality necessarily resulting from the Nature of the Souls themselves that are concerned in those Rewards or Punishments.
Page 21 - R. ISRAEL FILII R. MOSIS, disputatio cabalistica de anima, et opus rhythmicum. R. ABRAHAM ABBEN EZRAE, De modis quibus Hebraei legem solent interpretari...
Page 45 - CRITICAL (a) inquiry into the opinions and practice of the ancient philosophers concerning the nature of the soul and a future state, and their method of the double doctrine.
Page 52 - A Work for none but Angels and Men, that is, To be able to look into, and to know ourselves.
Page 11 - De l'Ame des bêtes, où, après avoir démontré la spiritualité de l'âme de l'homme, l'on explique, par la seule machine, les actions les plus surprenantes des animaux, par AD ***** [Dilly].

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