The Olympics: A History of the Modern Games

University of Illinois Press, 2002 - 214 páginas
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This second edition of Guttmann's critically acclaimed history discusses the intended and actual effects of the modern Olympic Games from 1896 to 2000. The glories and fiascoes, the triumphs and tragedies--Guttmann weaves them all into a vivid and entertaining social history. As Guttmann shows, politics has always been one of the Olympics' major events. He also delves into the colorful history of the athletics, from the Paris marathon course that invited French runners to take shortcuts to the odyssey of Egyptian gym teacher Youssef Nagui Assad, who made three different Olympic teams only to be recalled home each time due to boycotts. Guttmann also provides insight into the byzantine maneuvering involved in site selection, as well as little known facts about the Games' history and figures like longtime Olympics czar Avery Brundage.

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The Olympics, a history of the modern games

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In the film Chariots of Fire (1981), a prejudiced Olympic official states, "That's a matter for the committee!'' Here, Guttmann chronicles the ambitions and backroom maneuvering of the International ... Ler resenha completa


The Barons Dream
Growing Pains and Increasing Success
The Games Reach Maturity
The Most Controversial Olympics
Destruction and Recovery
In the Shadow of the Cold War
The Era of Relative Good Feelings
Organizational Strains
The Era of the Boycott
Calgary and Seoul But Not Pyongyang
Juan Antonio Samaranch as CEO
After the Cold War
Bibliographical Essay
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A Time of Troubles

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Página 3 - ... Games testified: We recognized that sport is the modern religion of the Western world. We knew that the people in England and America would switch their television sets from any program about the plight of the Palestinians if there was a sporting event on another channel. So, we decided to use their Olympics, the most sacred ceremony of this religion, to make the world pay attention to us.

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Allen Guttmann, a professor of English at Amherst College, is the author of Women's Sports, Games and Empires, From Ritual to Record: The Nature of Modern Sports, and other books. He received the first President's Award for Sports Studies from the International Olympic Committee.

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