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User Review - Flag as inappropriate fools what ever you write,your disbelief make your wrong deeds pleasant,basically.... in your hearts there is a malady, so Allah has made you grow in your malady; and for you there is a grievous
punishment, because you are deaf, dumb and blind, so shall not return to right path... .

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Every single thing about Holy Prophet Muhammad(SWT) is wrong!
specially where the author mentions about our Prophet that took the women to their bed, if this is so i really want to know in which
verse or Quran is it mentioned or where did the author get this!
STOP WRITING SUCH BOOKS, i know there were people that misused Islam and the Holy Name of it but to be honest, Islam is the perfect and complete Religion.
Study about it and u will know yourself.
Nothing is wrong or Lie in Holy Quran, so if ur familiar with Arabic read it, if not, find the English translate and Read it CAREFULLY! PLEASE!

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I think there is a misconcept about Islam. I live in a country which was founded at the name of Islam. Islam gives freedom to women but there are some narrow minded people who misrepreasent Islam. If the Holy Prophet said that He had seen more women in hell than men. If he is wrong than why christiens call the wife of Adam Eve which means evil. Why they want to see woman nude, in westetrn counntries women is notining but just a show piece, even after marraige they can't even use their own name they have to use the name of their husband. But Islam says to use the name of father not husband. Women are allowed to go out and work but it is prefered to stay at home. If it is freedom to go out and work equally with men than why such women are harrased at their work place, why they have raped in such places. Why they become victoms of some animals. Why thier bosses want to be satisfiyed by them for some promotion or some other purpose. Islam always gives protection to women by giving them their rights. Thier all responsibities are on thier husband or father. Even if they do nothing all the day but take rest it is not thier duty to work. And in heritage if the men get double of women it is because that they earn for the family. And the women will also has share from the property of her husband and in this way it also become double. Like I have said befor there is a misrepreasentaion of Islam by some narrow minded people. Islam says if you kill one person you kill the whole humanity.... 

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It seems to me that the arguments presented are totally baseless for example about divorce and procedure for re-marriage by the ex-husband. The knowledge base of the writer about Islam seems to be inadequate and flawed. It clearly contradicts the teachings of Islam. Hence it is inappropriate to debate on wrong notion.  

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Simply Magnificent Book , JESUS says in the Bible " YOU WILL KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUITS" when warning the deciples from the False Profits , Check out the Fruits of Islam around the world , Blood , Destruction , Hatred , Violance , Murdering , And much more , Poor Minds of the Muslims is a result of the Demonic Verses from Quran , When the roots are destruction , Fruits will be destruction , When roots are Pure Evile the fruits will be Pure Evil ,  

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