Death - and After?

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Theosophical Publishing Society, 1906 - Death - 86 pages
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Page 7 - At last this odious offspring whom thou seest, Thine own begotten, breaking violent way, Tore through my entrails, that, with fear and pain Distorted, all my nether shape thus grew Transformed : but he my inbred enemy Forth issued, brandishing his fatal dart, Made to destroy. I fled, and cried out Death ! Hell trembled at the hideous name, and sighed From all her caves, and back resounded Death...
Page 7 - The other Shape — If shape it might be called that shape had none Distinguishable in member, joint, or limb ; Or substance might be called that shadow seemed, For each seemed either — black it stood as Night, 670 Fierce as ten Furies, terrible as Hell, And shook a dreadful dart : what seemed his head The likeness of a kingly crown had on.
Page 7 - And shook a dreadful dart ; what seemed his head The likeness of a kingly crown had on. Satan was now at hand, and from his seat The monster moving onward came as fast, With horrid strides : hell trembled as he strode.
Page 45 - Kabalists make little, if any, distinction between Elementary Spirits who have' been men, and those beings which people the elements, and are the blind forces of nature.
Page 23 - At the last moment, the whole life is reflected in our memory and emerges from all the forgotten nooks and corners, picture after picture, one event after the other. The dying brain dislodges memory with a strong, supreme impulse; and memory restores faithfully every impression that has been entrusted to it during the period of the brain's activity.
Page 39 - Skandhas, a new body, with far worse tendencies and passions than was the one they lost. All the future of this new body will be determined thus, not only by the Karma of demerit of the previous set or group but also by that of the new set of the future being. Were the mediums and Spiritualists but to know, as I said, that with every new "angel guide...
Page 59 - Seven Golden Mountains," the Ego can confabulate no more with easy-going mediums. No Ernest or Joey has ever returned from the Rupa Loka, let alone the Arupa Loka, to hold sweet intercourse with men. In the "Notes on Devachan...
Page 16 - With every day, the identity between the animal and physical man, between the plant and man, and even between the reptile and its nest, the rock, and man, is more and more clearly shown. The physical and chemical constituents of all being found to be identical, chemical Science may well say that there is no difference between the matter which composes the ox and that which forms man.
Page 38 - Succubi of mediaeval times ; the demons of thirst, gluttony, lust, and avarice ; Elementaries of intensified craft, wickedness, and cruelty ; provoking their victims to horrid crimes, and revelling in their commission ! They not only ruin their victims, but these psychic vampires, borne along by the torrent of their hellish impulses, at last — at the fixed close of their natural period of life — they are carried out of the earth's aura into regions where for ages they endure exquisite sufferings...
Page 73 - Again we say that love beyond the grave, illusion though you may call it, has a magic and divine potency which reacts on the living. A mother's Ego filled with love for the imaginary children it sees near itself, living a life of happiness, as real to it as when on earth — that love will always be felt by the children in flesh.

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