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Page 477 - Other measures, of a more coercive nature, may be rendered expedient for the common safety, if unfortunately so fatal a disease should ever show itself in this country in the terrific way in which it has appeared in various parts of Europe ; and it may become necessary to draw troops, or a strong body of police, around infected places, so as utterly to exclude the inhabitants from all intercourse with the country...
Page 469 - From the 14th to the 20th or 22d, the mortality had become so general as to depress the stoutest spirits. The sick were already so numerous, and still pouring in so quickly from every quarter, that the medical men, although night and day at their posts, were no longer able to administer to their necessities. The whole camp then put on the appearance of a hospital. The noise and bustle almost inseparable from the intercourse of large bodies of people had nearly subsided.
Page 439 - Every person intending to offer himself for examination must give notice in writing to the clerk of the Society on or before the Monday previously to the day of examination, and must at the same time deposit all the required testimonials at the office of the beadle, where attendance is given every day, except Sunday, from ten until four o'clock.
Page 240 - ... statements, that such a step is necessary, to prevent some immediate injury from being done by the individual, either to himself or to other persons; and, if access cannot be had for the purpose of examination, application should be made to the Lord Chancellor, that the party may be taken up under his authority.
Page 238 - ... provided it is made out that the party is unable to act with any proper and provident management, liable to be robbed by any one, under that imbecility of mind not strictly insanity, but, as to the mischief, calling for as much protection as actual insanity.
Page 438 - AH students, in London, are required personally to register the several classes for which they have taken tickets, and those only will be considered as complying with the regulations of the Court, whose names and classes in the register correspond with their schedules. Tickets of admission to lectures and medical practice must be registered in the months of October and May; but no ticket will be registered unless it be dated within...
Page 478 - ... stomach will bear it, warm broth with spice may be employed. In very severe cases, or where medical aid is difficult to be obtained, from twenty to forty .drops of laudanum may be given, in any of the warm drinks previously recommended. These simple means are proposed as resources in the incipient stage of the disease, where medical aid has not yet been obtained. In reference to the further means to be adopted in the treatment of this disease, it is necessary to state, that no specific remedy...
Page 475 - ) should be placed in front of the house, to warn persons that it is in quarantine ; and even when persons with the disease shall have been removed, and the house shall have been purified, the word (
Page 451 - ... off slowly. Taken internally, it acts in the same way as all corrosive poisons : it has, nevertheless, been administered, in very dilute solutions, as an antacid, diuretic, and lithontriptic. It has succeeded in the gravel, in nephritic colics, and other affections proceeding from superabundance of uric acid. It has been recommended, likewise, in the treatment of scrofula, and in some diseases of the skin, such as leprosy, &c.
Page 475 - ) should be substituted, as denoting suspicion of the disease, and the inhabitants of such house should not be at liberty to move out or communicate with other persons, until, by the authority of the local board, the mark shall have been removed. In some towns it may be found possible to appropriate a public hospital to this purpose, or should any barrack exist in the neighbourhood, it might, under the authority of the Commander of the Forces, be similarly applied. Wherever it may be allowed to remove...

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