Family After Hours

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BLACKMASK.COM, Feb 1, 2010 - Fiction - 122 pages
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Incest has been a taboo in most - but not all cultures. Brother-sister marriage was quite acceptable to the ancient Egyptians, and even the Greeks-whom many contemporaries look on as the wisest and most intelligent of people - accepted marriage between siblings of the same father, as long as they had different mothers. In the US today, such relationships are illegal, but, as the noted sexologist, Alfred C. Kinsey, discovered, the great majority of American men have engaged in one or another form of illegal sexual behavior at some period in their lives. The present story involves a complex family relationship which is quite illegal by contemporary standards. When Clifford Hansor, dies, he leaves a young and beautiful widow Vanessa, and two young children: Mark and Dottie. Vanessa finds herself leaning more and more on the helping hand of Roger Courtland and before she knows it, she is in love with him and has embarked on a second marriage. We, the publishers, feel certain that this penetrating study of one family in today's world will be welcomed by mature adult readers as an insight into one aspect of contemporary mores.

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