A gossip's story, and a legendary tale, by the author of Advantages of education

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T. N. Longman, 1796
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Page 138 - And led to Priam's roof the Spartan bride : Of certain woes that muft that crime betide The holy virgin prophefied in vain ; Her warning voice could no attention gain. 'Till Pyrrhus levcll'd Ilium's tow'ring pride.
Page 48 - The moft enthufiaftick imagination could hardly aflbciate paftoral ideas with the neglected wildnefs of Seatondell, could fuppofe it peopled by Naids and Dryads, or fancy that Pan ever awoke its echoes with his tabor and pipe, while Cynthia and her maids of honour danced cotillions.
Page 223 - He calls to thofe duties we gladly divide; May he live when our limit of being is done. And our names and our virtues fumvc in our foru THE END.
Page 25 - ... marries a man whofe character can in fome degree be afcertained, by his having been for fome time under his own guidance. You .who are formed to fulfil the retired, but not lefs important duties of life, can always be properly eftimated while under the paternal wing; the attentive, fubmiffive daughter, will make a tender, obliging wife ; the retired, amiable maid, will form the prudent, domeftick matron. But the manners of the man cannot be fo well determined by the virtues of the youth ; particularly...
Page 189 - ... reading clofet at the upper end of his library. His attention was drawn from his ftudies by the found of a female voice. He ftepped foftly to the door, and became an unobferved fpectator of the fcene I have defcribed. His fenfations were in...
Page 13 - The infolence of office, and the fpurns, " Which patient merit of th' unworthy takes. " Bad as the world is, I believe this happens lefs frequently than the unhappy fuppofe ; and...
Page 218 - He fometimes pays a more vifit to his Lady at the Park, who welcomes him with tears, and endeavours to detain him by complaints. Her time pafles very uncomfortably. She has in a great degree fecluded herfelf from fociety...
Page 37 - Danbury, for the exprefs purpofe of judging whether every thing was properly managed ; the whole proceedings appeared nothing but a chain of improprieties, and I therefore think it better to omit a defcription which could only excite the painful duty of unfavourable criticifm. Why fhould I...
Page 223 - Though fhnnning the many, wild Comus's crew ; For focial enjoyment we chufe but a few : Thofe few round our table fhall frequently meet, Sincere be the welcome, and funple the treat.
Page 88 - ... defcribed by a very diffufe pen; yet, many circumftances . would admit of further amplification, in which art both ladies were adepts. As I cannot conceive that it could be from the want of a proper relifh for the beauties of female converfation, that Mr. Clermont was not...

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