Backbone of the Americas: Shallow Subduction, Plateau Uplift, and Ridge and Terrane Collision

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Suzanne Mahlburg Kay, Víctor A. Ramos, William R. Dickinson
Geological Society of America, 2009 - Science - 278 pages
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"The American Cordilleras form a continuous orogen that extends for 12,500 km along the eastern flank of the Pacific Ocean from Arctic to Antarctic latitudes as an integral part of the circum-Pacific orogenic belt. Following two summary chapters on the overall anatomy and evolution of North and South American segments of the orogenic system, this volume includes ten seminal chapters dealing with salient aspects of the key geodynamic processes that have accompanied Cordilleran geotectonic evolution: forearc terrane accretion, arc magmatism, shallow subduction, and backarc intracontinental deformation. The papers in this volume were selected from those presented at the 2006 Backbone of the Americas Meeting, which was sponsored jointly by multiple North and South American geological societies in Mendoza, Argentina."--pub. desc.

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Anatomy and global context of the North American Cordillera
Anatomy and global context of the Andes Main geologic features and the Andean orogenic cycle
Neogene collision and deformation of convergent margins along the backbone of the Americas
Relation of flat subduction to magmatism and deformation in the western United States
Structural geologic evolution of the Colorado Plateau
Threedimensional kinematics of Laramide basementinvolved Rocky Mountain deformation USA Insights from minor faults and GISenhanced structu...
CretaceousEocene magmatism and Laramide deformation in southwestern Mexico No role for terrane accretion
Geochemical evolution of igneous rocks and changing magma sources during the formation and closure of the Central American land bridge of Pana...
Mode and timing of terrane accretion in the forearc of the Andes in Ecuador
Influence of the subduction of the Carnegie volcanic ridge on Ecuadorian geology Reality and fiction
Shallowing and steepening subduction zones continental lithospheric loss magmatism and crustal flow under the Central Andean AltiplanoPuna Plateau
Flatslab subduction and crustal models for the seismically active Sierras Pampeanas region of Argentina

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