Review: I, Sniper: A Bob Lee Swagger Novel

Editorial Review - - Joe Hartlaub

I have been in love with Stephen Hunter's work ever since I picked up a paperback copy of DIRTY WHITE BOYS years ago. I read him religiously as his novels bounce back and forth in time, across the country, and up and down the ancestral tree of the Swagger family, recounting their grim and loyal love affair with country and firearm weaponry. The best of these for me have been those concerning Bob ... Read full review

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Four people w/ a common thread from their past , are murdered by long shots. The police & FBI realize all eveidence points to a sniper , a really good sniper. A legendary former Marine sniper is suspected , but is quickly found shot himself. The lead FBI agent also a former Marine sniper enlists the help of former Marine sniper Bob Lee Swagger. The FBI agent is targeted by influental people as going to far in the investigation , but Mr Swagger pulls off the ultimate pursuit of the group.
Aug 24 2010

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Four people are assassinated by a long range sniper. Each of the four had ties to the '60s radical movement. Carefully crafted evidence points to former Marine war hero, Carl Hitchcock, who is eventually accused of the crime. Hitchcock commits suicide prior to capture.
Special Agent Nick Memphis has a feeling that the evidence is just too perfect and wants to be sure that Hitchcock was the killer. Nick asks his friend, retired Marine sniper, Bob Lee Swagger to look into the evidence.
Swagger finds discrepancies and tells Nick and other officials that to find the real killer and unravel the set-up another sniper should be used and he volunteers.
Swagger is on the trail to clear Hitchcock but as he searches and the FBI doesn't close the case, political pressure mounts and suddenly, Nick is in the hot seat.
Stephen Hunter gives the reader an action packed story. He provides abundant detail about weapons to give the plot a solid realistic feel.
It is fun to read about Swagger having another adventure and seeing him again in action is like finding an old John Wayne film and watching it for the first time.
Very enjoyable.

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