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"He had a sad little tail, barely long enough to brush his hocks. His stubby legs were a study in unsound construction, with squarish, asymmetrical 'baseball glove' knees that didn't quite straighten all the way, leaving him in a permanent semicrouch… His gallop was so disorganized that he had a maddening tendency to whack himself in the front ankle with his own hind hoof." If you are not a fan ... Read full review

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Hillenbrand wrote a first-rate non-fiction book that reads like a novel. She packs a ton of historical detail about jockey culture, early horse-racing, biographies of key players, individual races ... Read full review

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I know nothing of horses and horse racing, then came the movie "Seabiscuit". After seeing the movie , I still did know anything... then i read Hillenbrand's book that left me wishing i was an American adult in 1938. I read the book several times now. It's a great read. A very superbly written book about an extra-ordinary story of rider and horse, it almost seemed fiction. But its not.  

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Great book

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I've read the book three times. Excellent. The movie was quite good too.

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It was very interesting and inspirational. I learned a lot of things that I never knew before.

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