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I just have a couple of points to make in this one sided view.
1. Dock workers are made up of thousands of people under each local, each local has its own representatives, made up of elected
executives, business agents, trustees, and all other positions. Some are paid positions, and some are not.
2. There are also several from the Unions who work with the employers, such as the trustees dealing with the union members( and in some cases, casuals) medicals, and various other collaborations.
3. A longshore person works Under a foreman, who is under many other levels of persons working each of the companies.
4. A longshoreman rarely knows any items contained in the cargo. There are very vague waybills, and loading sheets for them to work from. Rarely are the weights of these containers correct on these declared forms(which is extremely dangerous as you can see from maritime mishaps throughout the Internet .
5. At all times longshoremen are under video surveillance, and have many persons, working with them,.
The only persons who would know the actual items, quantities, weights, and other important descriptive details- including when the materials should be listed as dangerous cargo( which no one want to do, as they have to pay danger pay for each one , and they have special protocols for movements on the docks, also not listed properly due to time consumption). Longshoremen are basically dispatched daily, to different locations, sometime never knowing where or if they are going to get a job. They work different shifts, different locations, and with different people each time.
If you want to know who really is running the docks, maybe stop looking at the grunts on the docks( these are people who range from doctors to criminals, housewives to schoolteachers.....people just looking to make a paycheck, and more importantly, for the freedom of schedules and medical coverages).the only people who would have the ability to know what the cargo is, where it is, where it is going or coming from, and how to transport it off of the dock, or have it transported to another location....once again, not done by longshoremen, but by management.
There is a reason they keep diverting attention.

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