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"Afghanistanism" used to be a derisive term in the newspaper world. It meant playing up news from obscure faroff places while neglecting what was going wrong on your own home turf. No longer. Very few countries worldwide have been more important to the US over the past quarter century than this remote, primitive, landlocked and littleunderstood area tucked in between Iran, Pakistan and the former ... Read full review

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Indeed the book Ghost Wars will be mile stone for future historians and researchers of cold war and American proxy war in Afghanistan.

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Steve Coll did an incredible job laying out what happened up to 9/11!! This book is on a very short list of "must have's" if you want to have an informative opinion about 9/11. After reading this book you truly realize how complex our foreign policy problems are.
Also check out Steve Coll during Al Qaeda 3.0 recently put on by New American Foundation "

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very good, partway into it very good so far

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Anxious to read the book.

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