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Página 164 - As the government was now effectually converted into a military usurpation, it became easy to simplify its operations, and most of the persons formerly employed in civil departments were dismissed from office. Some were at once turned off, others had documents given them, entitling them to be reinstated upon vacancies — a few had some trifling pension promised them.
Página 514 - Charge will be made if this card is mutilated or not returned with the book GRADUATE LIBRARY THF UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN THE ANN ARBOR. MICHIGAN GL DO NOT REMOVE OR MUTILATE CARD , .__-yl -_.
Página 252 - What followed was more remarkable. " How (said he) could the Prince de la Paz be brought to trial without implicating the King and Queen in the process of exciting seditious passions, the result of which might be fatal to your crown ? Your Royal Highness has no other right to it than what you derive from your mother. If the cause injures her honour, you destroy your own claims. Do not give ear to weak and perfidious councils. You have no right to try the Prince de la Paz ; his crimes, if any are...
Página 389 - Things which we Spaniards know how to do, which we have done as well as other nations, without any necessity that the vile French...
Página 291 - ... of trouble and calamity for your country. Spaniards! trust to my experience, and obey that authority which I hold from God and my fathers; follow my example, and think that, in the position in which you stand, there is no prosperity and safety for Spaniards, but in the friendship of the great emperor our ally.
Página 267 - B«0»fHe lost patience now, and ordering Cevallos into his own cabinet, the violence of his temper broke out. He called that minister traitor, for continuing to serve the son in the same situation which he had held under the father ; he accused him of having maintained, in an official interview with General Moutheon, that Ferdinand's right to the crown stood in no need of his recognition, though it might be necessary to the continuance of his relations with France...
Página 330 - Spaniards are an uncorrupted people. The massacre of Madrid, and the transactions at Bayonne, were no sooner known, than they fled to arms, as if by one instantaneous impulse, over the whole peninsula. Abandoned as they were by one part of the Royal Family, deprived of the rest; forsaken too, as it then appeared, by those nobles and statesmen on whose talents and patriotism they had formerly fixed their hopes, (for the friends of Ferdinand, who...
Página 390 - French come to instruct us, and, according to their custom, under the mask of friendship, and wishes for our happiness, should contrive, for this alone they are contriving, to plunder us, to violate our women, to assassinate us, to deprive us of our liberty, our laws, and our king, to scoff at and destroy our holy religion, as they have hitherto done, and will always continue to do so, as long as that spirit of perfidy and ambition which oppresses and tyrannizes over them shall endure.
Página 193 - D'Armagnac addressed a letter to the magistrates, informing them, that, as he understood he was to remain some time in Pamplona, he felt himself obliged to insure its safety in a military manner; and he had therefore ordered a battalion to the citadel, in order to garrison it, and do duty with the Spanish troops:
Página 70 - They had turned their faces towards the east in the morning to worship the rising sun, and in the evening they were looking eastward still, obstinately affirming that still the sun was there." * I, on the contrary, altered my position as the world went round.

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