The Chinese Classics: With a Translation, Critical and Exegetical Notes, Prolegomena, and Copious Indexes

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Tsẽang yěw tsze 3 Keuntsze këae laou 4 Sang chung 5 Shun che pun
Ting che fang chung 7 Tetung 8 Sëang shoo 9 Kan maou
The Ke yuh 2 Kaou pwan 3 Shih jin 4 Mang 5 Chuh
Hwanlan 7 Ho kwang 8 Pih he 9 Yëw hoo 10 Muh kwa 91 110 124 Book vi Tue Ones of Wang 1 The Shoo
Keuntsze yu yih 3 Keuntsze yangyang 4 Yang che shwuy 5 Chung kul yěw tuy 6 T00 yuen 7 Koh luy 8 Tsae koh 9 Ta
The Tszee 2 Tsẽang Chungtsze 3 Shuh yu tëen
Tsun ta loo 8 Neu yueh Ke ming 9 Yëw neu tóung
Këen chang 14 Fung 15 Tung mun che shen 16 Fung yu 17 Tsze kin 18 Yang che shwuy
The Ke ming 2 Seuen 3 Choo
Tung fang che jih 5 Tung fang we ming 6 Nan shan 7 Foo tëen 8 Loo ling 9 Pe
The Koh keu 4 Chih hoo 7 Shih shoo BOOK IX THE ODES OF WEI 2 Fan tseu joo 3 Yuen yöw taou 5 Shih mow che këen 6 Fah tan
The Sihtsuh 4 Tsëaou lëavu 7 Kaou këw 10 Yëw te che too Book X The ODES OF Tang 2 Shan yëw choo 3 Yang che shwuy
Tung mun che che 5 Tung mun che yang
Chow niow
Moo mun 7 Fang yëv tsësh chaou 8 Yueh chuh 9 Choo
The Kaou këw 2 Soo kwan 3 Sih yêw changtsʻoo 4 Fei fung Book xiv THE ODES OF Tsaou
The Fowyëw 2 How jin 3 Shekëw 4 Hëa tsreuen Book xv Tue ODES OF Pix 1 The Tsih yueh 2 Chehëaou 3 Tung shan
Po foo 5 Fah ko 6 Këw yih 7 Lang poh 220
Yëw kang 5 Nan yëw këayu 6 Tsóungkëw 7 Nan shan yëw tae 8 Yëw e 9 Luh sëavu 10 Chan loo BOOK II DECADE OF TUNG KUNG 278 1 The T...
Tsae ke 8 Keu kung 6 Keih jih 7 Hung yen 8 Ting lëaou 9 Möen nhuy 10 Huh ming Book iv DECADE OF KE FOO 293 1 The Ke foo 2 Pih keu 3 ...

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קטעים בולטים

עמוד lii - When sighs and exclamations are insufficient for them, recourse is had to the prolonged utterances of song. When those prolonged utterances of song are insufficient for them, unconsciously the hands begin to move and the feet to dance. The feelings go forth in sounds. When those sounds are artistically combined, we have what is called musical pieces. The style of such pieces in an age of good order is quiet, going on to be joyful; — the government is then a harmony. Their style in an age of disorder...
עמוד 109 - Slowly I moved about, In my heart all-agitated. Those who knew me Said I was sad at heart. Those who did not know me, Said I was seeking for something. O thou distant and azure Heaven*! By what man was this (brought about...
עמוד 110 - But my husband is away on service. How can I but keep thinking of him ? My husband is away on service, Not for days merely or for months. When will he come back to me ? The fowls roost on their perches ; And in the evening of the day, The goats and cows come down and home ; But my husband is away...
עמוד xlvi - ... and so come to a decision regarding the government and morals of their rulers. A student and translator of the odes has simply to allow them to speak for themselves, and has no more reason to be surprised by references to vice in some of them than by the language of virtue in many others. Confucius said, indeed, in his own enigmatical way, that the single sentence,
עמוד 97 - Ah! thou dove, Eat not its fruit [to excess] . Ah! thou young lady, Seek no licentious pleasure with a gentleman. When a gentleman indulges in such pleasure, Something may still be said for him; When a lady does so, Nothing can be said for her.
עמוד 72 - It floats abont, that boat of cypress wood, There in the middle of the Ho, With his two tufts of hair falling over his forehead, He was my mate, And I swear that till death I will have no other. O mother, O Heaven, Why will you not understand me...
עמוד 20 - She gathers the white southernwood, By the ponds, on the islets. She employs it, In the business of our prince. She gathers the white southernwood, Along the streams in the valleys. She employs it, In the temple 613 of our prince.
עמוד li - Choo He adds, that after the prefatory notices were published as a portion of the text, "they appeared as if they were the production of the poets themselves and the Odes seemed to be made from them as so many themes. Scholars handed down a faith in them from one to another, and no one ventured to express a doubt of their authority. The text was twisted and chiseled to bring it into accordance with them, and nobody would undertake to say plainly that they were the work of the scholars of the Han...
עמוד 102 - Who says that the Ho is wide? With (a bundle of) reeds I can cross it. Who says that Sung is distant? On tiptoe I can see it. Who says that the Ho is wide? It will not admit a little boat. Who says that Sung is distant? It would not take a whole morning to reach it. Professor Legge admits that what he has called "a bundle of reeds...
עמוד 59 - ... former dynasties; but the duties of the occasion devolved mainly on the princes of the same surname as the royal House. Libations of fragrant spirits were made, to attract the Spirits, and their presence was invoked by a functionary [the Invoker] who took his place inside the principal gate.

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