Tuning in to Your Child

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Humanics Publishing Group, 1976 - 136 pages
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For generations, conscientious parents have been seeking formulas for child rearing. They have consulted with psychologists, with pediatricians, and with teachers. They have compared their child's behavior with the "norm" and have worried if he or she did not measure up. They have been concerned with IQ, but they have been unaware of how they might help in the growth of intelligence.

Now, with the new knowledge of child growth and development, we have begun to know that there are no set norms, no fixed intelligence, and no pat formulas to guide parents in the difficult task of child rearing. Each child is a unique individual and we must look at him or her as such. Can you, as a parent, develop techniques which will help you to get to know your child better? For it is only by knowing him or her as the special person that he or she is that you can relate to his or her special needs. Only you can provide the best environment and stimulation that will help your child to develop to his or her fullest potential.

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