A History of the American Church to the Close of the Nineteenth Century

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E. S. Gorham, 1906 - 112 pages
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Page 105 - The Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, as 'containing all things necessary to salvation', and as being the rule and ultimate standard of faith.
Page 82 - Church, to declare our conviction as to the meaning of the word ' regenerate ' in the Offices for the Ministration of Baptism of Infants, do declare that, in our opinion, the word ' regenerate ' is not there so used as to determine that a moral change in the subject of baptism is wrought in the Sacrament.
Page 105 - The two Sacraments ordained by Christ Himself — Baptism and the Supper of the Lord — ministered with unfailing use of Christ's words of Institution, and of the elements ordained by Him. [D] The Historic Episcopate, locally adapted in the methods of its administration to the varying needs of the nations and peoples called of God into the Unity of His Church.
Page 15 - The poor Church has nobody upon tlie spot to comfort or confirm her children ; nobody to ordain several that are willing to serve, were they authorized, for the work of the Ministry. Therefore they fall back again into the herd of the Dissenters...
Page 12 - Readers and pass the Sabbath in the best Manner they could, till such Times as they could be better provided, that they should every Sunday call their Companies under arms, and spend the Day in Exercise; whereupon it was unanimously agreed on thro' the county, to make choice of Readers; which they accordingly did, and continued in those Methods for some Time.
Page 31 - I saw clearly the hour was come for leaving this place : and, soon as evening prayers were over, about eight o'clock, the tide then serving, I shook off the dust of my feet, and left Georgia, after having preached the Gospel there, not as I ought, but as I was able, one year, and nearly nine months.
Page 47 - ... under colour of religion any man shall disturb the good order, peace, or safety of the state, or shall infringe the laws of morality, or injure others in their natural, civil, or religious rights...
Page 22 - I have told them of the evil consequences of their hard drinking, &c., they replied that Englishmen do the same, and that it is not so great a sin in an Indian as in an Englishman, because the Englishman's religion forbids it, but an Indian's does not.
Page 47 - That as it is the duty of every man to worship God in such manner as he thinks most acceptable to Him, all persons are equally entitled to protection in their religious liberty; wherefore, no person ought, by any law to be molested in his person or estate, on account of his religious persuasion or profession, or for his religious practice...
Page 16 - You are to enquire whether there be any minister within your government who preaches and administers the sacrament in any orthodox church or chapel, without being in due orders, and to give an account thereof to the said lord bishop of London.

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