The American Journal of the Medical Sciences, Volume 10

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J.B. Lippincott, Company, 1832 - Medicine
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Page 516 - spots, varying in size from that of a sixpence to that of a half-crown, and in all there was manifest softening. In one, the mucous tunic was eroded. Small Intestines.—In twelve, there were evident marks of high inflammation, and vivid and extensive injection; in nine, ecchymosed patches; in four, mucous tunic softened in many points; and in one, incipient
Page 279 - was elected a member of the society for the promotion of agriculture, arts, and manufactures. During several successive years, he was President of the Medical Society of the County of Oneida. In 1822 he was elected a permanent member of the Medical Society of the state of New York, and in 1823 was elected President of the same body, and
Page 414 - if instead of bleeding usque ad mortem, we were to bleed animals more sparingly and repeatedly, I have no doubt that we should succeed in draining the brain of a much larger quantity of its red blood; but in such experiments we shall I think, find a larger effusion of serum."*
Page 9 - The Principles of Medicine, founded on the Structure and Functions of the Animal Organism. By Samuel Jackson, MD Assistant to the Professor of the Institutes and Practice of Medicine and Clinical
Page 157 - The Principles of Medicine, founded on the Structure and functions of the Animal Organism. By SAMUEL JACKSON, MD Assistant to the Professor of the Institutes and Practice of Medicine and Clinical
Page 472 - languid, with a cool skin, and a pulse rather weak, but not much quicker than natural. She had no disposition to take nourishment. Her sister having died only a week before of an illness which began exactly in the same way and
Page 463 - the abdomen, and a pill was given her, containing three grains of opium. Having received this account, I went into the chamber of the patient. Her face was ghastly; it was difficult to keep her out of a fainting fit; her skin was cold and clammy; and her pulse so quick, small and fluttering,
Page 466 - the state of its body, and the movement or rather the mobility of the foetus. 1st. In the unimpregnated state, the neck of the uterus projects into the vagina about two-thirds of an inch, like a thick, firm, fleshy nipple. At the termination of pregnancy, a few days before labour, this neck is completely obliterated, the portion of
Page 203 - country between the 1st of June and the 31st of December, 1831. "Many vessels also arrived laden with wool and hides, yet not a single case of cholera occurred on board any of these ships outside the Cattegate Sea, nor amongst the people employed in opening and airing

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