How to Spot a Good Boss (before You Take the Job)

封面, 2005 - 20页
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Insider secrets from a Headhunter and Career Coach; the insider guide of questions to use to uncover the good from the bad, or the better ones. Little do we realise, the major factor that determines our career success and long term happiness in our jobs is the boss we work for -- the person who can propel you to achieve your best or hold you back in mediocrity, the person who determines your salary, bonus, promotion, career development, your day-to-day environment at work, even the extent of your enjoyment of work and worklife. Stan, headhunter and career coach, tells you how to check on a prospective boss. If you're thinking of changing jobs because you can't stand your boss anymore, arm yourself with this book when you go for your interviews. You never have to work for the boss-from-hell ever again. If you are already working for one, see my book -- How to Manage the Boss-from-Hell

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