The Noble and Renowned History of Guy Earl of Warwick: Containing a Full and True Account of His Many Famous and Valiant Actions, Remarkable and Brave Exploits, and Noble and Renowned Victories

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John Merridew, Warwick and Leamington, and Henry Merridew, 1829 - Guy of Warwick (Legendary character) - 148 pages
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Page 141 - Gentleman's Magazine, Sept. 1847, p. 300. WAS ever knight for ladyes sake Soe tost in love, as I, Sir Guy, For Phelis fayre, that lady bright As ever man beheld with eye ? She gave me leave myself to try, The valiant knight with sheeld and speare, Ere that her love she would grant me ; Which made mee venture far and neare.
Page 144 - Forest 1 did slay A boar of passing might and strength, The like in England never was For hugeness both in breadth and length : Some of his bones in Warwick yet Within the castle there do lie; One of his shield bones to this day Hangs in the city of Coventry.
Page 122 - ... but did endeavour all that ever he could never to be known to any mortal wight : for unto none would he disclose his name, nor tell to what country he belonged : his noble thoughts in his own breast concealed, his chief design was to remain obscure : Until by native love his mind was led, To lay his bones where he at first was bred.
Page 137 - I do with an unfeigned heart and mind leave both the world and every thing therein. My soul I give to Him that gave it me ; receive it, Jesus, as in thee I trust. I owe a debt of life that is due to death, and when I have paid him he can ask no more. It is but a little breath, a very vapour, and I could wish he had it long ago. But here is my comfort, whensoever he comes, it is ready for him, though he calls to-day. I owe the world that stock of wealth it lent me when 1 at first began to traffic...
Page 135 - now take thy leave of Guy, who sent to thee, ere his sight decays: within thy arms I do entreat to die, and breathe my spirit hence from thy sweet soul. It is not long since to me thou gavest alms at Warwick's Castle gate; it is blessedness poor men's estate to pity. Look not so strange, my dear, lament not so. Ah! weep not, love, I do not want thy tears; for since my coming here I have plenty of tears of true remorse, conscience knows. Thou weepest not now, because I wept no...
Page 25 - All hands aloft," to put them in a posture of defence ; which they had no sooner done, but up the French ship comes, and grapples them ; this Guy was glad to see, hoping he should be with them presently, and therefore he gave orders to let the French board them without much difficulty ; who, by that means supposing they had been victorious, gave such a shout as victors do at land. This insolence made Guy so lay about him, each blow he struck had more than human force, and in a few moments all the...
Page 17 - I will give to thee my heart, soul, and life, and which shall crown the rest, my truest love : let deeds of honour by thy hands be done ; and by a martial life enhance thy fame ; and for a recompense of all thy toil, take Phaelice for thy true and lawful wife.
Page 143 - To try my manhood and my might. . But when I had espoused her, I stayd with her but fortye dayes, Ere that I left this ladye faire, - And went from her beyond the seas.
Page 24 - if that be all be of good courage ; and the first thing we do, let us tack about, and meet them like courageous Englishmen; I will bear the brunt of war myself alone. I would not for the crown of France, I will swear it, have it reported that Guy ever fled.
Page 114 - Phaelice, have performed. Perhaps there was a skin about this skull fairer than that which Helen's was enclosed in ; and on this scalp, bare and worm-eaten now, where nothing else is to be seen but bone, such yellow locks of hair were to be beheld, which for their beauty were esteemed like gold ; and in those hollow caves two crystal eyes, and here such lips as love for kissing craves. But what is of...

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