The Memorial History of Boston: Including Suffolk County, Massachusetts. 1630-1880. Ed. by Justin Winsor, Volume 2

Front Cover
Justin Winsor, Clarence F. Jewett
J. R. Osgood and Company, 1881 - Boston (Mass.)

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Page 122 - You desired us to open our minds and hearts to you. Look at the French: they are men; they are fortifying everywhere. But, we are ashamed to say it, you are like women, without any fortifications. It is but one step from Canada hither; and the French may easily come and turn you out of doors.
Page 151 - think it was ? It was that of Revelation xii. 12 : ' The Devil is come down unto you having great wrath, because he knoweth that he
Page 205 - That church members, who were admitted in minority, understanding the doctrine of faith, and publicly professing their assent thereunto, not scandalous in life, and solemnly owning the covenant before the church, wherein they give up themselves and children to the Lord, and subject themselves to the government of Christ in his church, their children are to be baptized.
Page 452 - attend them. They travel in much the same manner on business as for pleasure, and are attended in both by their black equipages. 2 . . . For their domestic amusements, every afternoon, after drinking tea, the gentlemen and ladies walk the Mall, and from thence adjourn to one another's houses to spend the evening, — those that are not
Page 169 - Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him ' ]. The reason that made me unwilling to trust any of my writings in the hands of this man was, because I saw the weaver (though he presumes to call himself a merchant) was a stranger to all the rules of civility; and I foresaw I should be served as now I find.
Page 17 - On the 2Oth of April they joined to them twenty-two others, as a " Council for the safety of the people and conservation of the peace." They chose Bradstreet president; Foster and Adam Winthrop, Treasurers; Wait Winthrop, commander-in-chief; Addington, clerk. This provisional Council called a convention of two delegates from each town; and on May 9, 1689, sixty-six members met. This
Page 239 - the Son, and the Holy Ghost be amongst you, and remain with you; and the whole Israel of God, now, henceforth, and forevermore, amen,
Page 135 - anise-seed, liquors, etc., — yet had extraordinary violent effects. " 3. She would use to tell such as would not make use of her physic, that they would never be healed; and accordingly their diseases and hurts continued, with relapse against the ordinary course, and beyond the apprehension of all physicians and surgeons.
Page 235 - And now was such a time as we never knew. The Rev. Mr. Cooper was wont to say, that more came to him in one week in deep concern about their souls, than in the whole twenty-four years of his preceding ministry. I can also say the same as to the numbers who repaired to me.
Page 471 - 25, 1685. Friday. Carts come to town and Shops open as is usual. Some, somehow, observe the day; but are vexed, I believe, that the Body of the People profane it,— and, blessed be God ! no Authority yet to compell them to keep it. "Dec.

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