Niccolò Machiavelli and His Times, Volume 1

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C.K. Paul & Company, 1878 - Italy

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Page 26 - ... fortunes and their own at the end of the fifteenth, and the beginning of the sixteenth centuries in all the courts of western Europe.
Page 268 - Dell' anima , ond' ell' entri , o ond' ell' esca , O come il nocciol si stia nella pesca ., Hanno studiato in su n...
Page 243 - Molles o violae, veneris munuscula nostrae, dulce quibus tanti pignus amoris inest, quae vos quae genuit tellus ? quo nectare odoras sparserunt zephyri mollis et aura comas ? 5 Vos ne in acidaliis aluit Venus aurea campis ? Vos ne sub Idalio pavit Amor nemore?
Page 265 - Dimmi più oltre: io non t'ho domandato se se' cristiano o se se' saracino, o se tu credi in Cristo o in Apollino. — 115 Rispose allor Margutte: — A dirtel tosto, io non credo più al nero ch'a l'azzurro, ma nel cappone, o lesso o vuogli arrosto; e credo alcuna volta anco nel burro, nella cervogia, e quando io n'ho, nel mosto, e molto più nell'aspro che il mangurro; ma sopra tutto nel buon vino ho fede, e credo che sia salvo chi gli crede...
Page 283 - Caesare magna fuit, nunc Roma est maxima, Sextus Regnat Alexander, ille vir, iste Deus.\ * His second cousin.
Page 57 - ... just been made a cardinal at ' the age of eighteen, were active parties in the conspiracy, to the support of which Sixtus, while professing to desire no bloodshed, promised the aid of the papal troops. When the murderous attack, made by two priests in the cathedral, at the moment of the elevation of the host (Sunday, April 26th, 1478), failed of its object — Lorenzo de...
Page 1 - ... that this was the intention of the aid fell on ready ears. EDUCATION Some observers insisted that the Chinese attitudes described above were limited to a tiny and powerless fraction of the population. They failed to note how rapidly political awareness was spreading through education and propaganda. It would be difficult to find any period in the history of any country where education was expected to work the miracles it was expected to work in twentieth-century China, and very nearly did. The...

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