The Puffin History of India for Children, 3000 BC - AD 1947, Volume 1

Front Cover
Penguin Books India, 2002 - India - 404 pages
In An Informal, Engaging Style, The Puffin History Of India For Children 3000 Bc To Ad 1947 Tells The Fascinating Story Of Our Land From The Indus Valley Civilization To Independence.

Tracing The Social, Political, Cultural And Economic Development Of India, The Book Focuses On The High Points Of Indian History: The Vedic Age, The Mauryan Empire, The Gupta Period, The Battle Of Panipat, The Conquests Of Alauddin Khilji, Who Had The Largest Empire Since Ashoka, The Bahmani And Vijayanagara Kingdoms And Their Conflicts, The Rule Of Akbar, Shahjahan And Aurangzeb And The Building Of The Taj Mahal, The British Conquest, The 1857 Revolt, The Nationalist Movement And, Finally, The Triumph Of Independence.

The Contribution Of The Important Personalities Who Shaped This History, From Mahavira, Buddha, Alexander, Ashoka, Harsha And Babur To Tipu Sultan, Ranjit Singh, Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose And Jawaharlal Nehru, Is Vividly Described In Fascinating Detail. Every Now And Then The Narrative Pauses To Dwell On The Social And Cultural Life Of The People, And The Political, Economic And Religious Changes That Have Been Wrought Over Centuries, Providing A Comprehensive Picture Of What Life Was Like In India At Various Points Of Time.

The Colourful Description Of People, Events And Cultures, Complemented By A Host Of Illustrations And Maps, Brings History Dramatically To Life For The Reader.

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Northern India between AI 700 and 1200 137
Life in the Northern Kingdoms 148
South India between Al 600 and 1200 154
The First Sultans of Delhi 175
The Khaljis and the Tughlaqs 180
The Sayyids and the Lodis 188
Administrative Economic and Social Changes 286
Art and Culture17501857 294
Early Indian Reformers 301
The Revolt of 1857 304
The Indian States 311
The Rise of Nationalism 314
The Moderates and the Extremists 319
The Later Reformers 328

Some Independent States 190
Life at the Time of the SultanateAl
33 The Bahmani and Vijayanagara Kingdoms 207
The Early Mughals 220
Akbar Jahangir arid Shah Jahan 226
Life in Mughal India 237
The Marathas and the Sikhs 251
Other Independent States 256
Major Religious Developments
between A1 1200 and 1750 261
The British Expansion and Conquest 271
Further ExpansionFrom Wellesley to Dalhousie 280
The Muslim League 331
Art and Culture after 1858 334
Social Change in the Twentieth Century 342
New Political Trends between 1908 and 1919 345
Mahatma Gandhi and NonCooperation 350
The Intermediate Years19221929 355
Civil Disobedience1931934 360
The First Indian Government 364
India during the Second World War 369
India before Independence 374
The Last Phase19451947 385

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