Observations on Strictures of the Rectum: And Other Affections which Diminish the Capacity of that Intestine : Including Spasmodic Constriction of the Anus, the Haemorrhoidal Tumours, (called Piles) Excrescences, and the Prolapsus Ani : and the Mode of Treatment, Accompanied with Cases and Engravings

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H. Gye, published by Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Browne, and by Callow, 1820 - Anus - 172 pages
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Page 31 - ... the sphincters, the cellular tissue, and the integuments of the nates. I thus form a triangular wound, the top of which reaches to the intestine, and the base to the skin ; it is sometimes necessary to elongate this, I do this with a second cut of the bistoury. In some cases the intestine slips away from the edge of the instrument, and the wound of the cellular tissue extends higher than that of the intestine ; we must then introduce the bistoury a second time into the rectum to lengthen the...
Page 54 - Transactions of the Association of Fellows and Licentiates of the King's and Queen's College of Physicians in Ireland.
Page 21 - The peritonaeal. muscular, and internal coats are much thicker and harder than in a natural state. The muscular too is subdivided by membranous septa, and the internal coat is sometimes formed into hard irregular folds. It often happens that the surface of the inner membrane is ulcerated, producing cancer. Every vestige of the natural structure is occasionally lost, and the gut appears changed into a gristly substance.
Page 49 - The insertion of an unyielding tallow candle, though often practised, has been generally found painful and inefficacious. It is requisite for the purpose to employ a bougie thirteen inches long, and of a proportionate strength ; which should also be directed with a nice hand, by a skilful surgeon. I lately saw a lady thus relieved, who had been twenty-six days without any evacuation from the bowels, and who seemed nearly exhausted by violence of pain and distention of the abdomen, incessant vomiting,...
Page 13 - In both cases, the faeces will be found to be flattened in their shape, small in their size, and in some degree serpentine or twisted ; but the other symptoms will be found to be very different. In the common stricture of the rectum, the situation of the stricture is generally two or. three inches above the outer sphincter, and there is a sound capacious portion of the bowel between the stricture and this sphincter. At the seat of the stricture, the coats of the rectum are felt to be more or less...
Page 181 - Further Observations on Strictures of the Rectum ; with Remarks on the Opinions of some late Writers relative to the Situation of the Disease ; and also, on Spasmodic Constriction of the Sphincter Ani ; with, a Translation of Part of M.
Page 49 - ... &.c. It is remarkable how long patients subsist under these distressing circumstances. In one instance, the time was twentynine days ; in another, thirty-three days. As the latter patient recovered, after enduring every torture such a disorder could inflict, practitioners may be encouraged to persevere steadily in their attentions*.
Page 3 - The disease comes on in the most gradual and imperceptible manner ; slow in its progress, but terrible in its consequences ; it yields not to medical assistance, but must, under the best management, become ultimately fatal.
Page 4 - Not unfrequently the inner edge of the deeper sphincter ani is the seat of this stricture ; and then the finger enters only to the depth of the second joint, when it is obstructed by a sort of membrane standing across the passage.
Page 181 - M.Boyer's valuable Paper on that Complaint: •accompanied with several Cases, and an Engraving. By W. WHITE, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, London; Corresponding Member of the London Medical Society; and one of the Surgeons to the City Infirmary and Dispensary, Bath.

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