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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1892 - America
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Page 391 - State to the owner of the soil, or granted by a regular concession in the form of a patent, also by the State and subject to the provisions of the present law, to a third applicant. ART. 4. Mines are real estate and constitute a property different and independent from the land in which they are situated, even if their owner and the owner of the land are one and the same person.
Page 25 - Plata, offer the most natural highways for the commerce, population, and civilization of these districts. (3) That the navigation of these rivers is the most efficacious and certain [means] for the development of the riches of these lands, placing them in contact with the exterior, and applying to their wants the fructifying principle of liberty, as useful to the interests of the Republic as to those of the whole of humanity. That these are no vain words is established by the explorations and publications...
Page 51 - rescate de oro," established in that very pueblo more than two centuries before. It was interesting to observe that 'two hundred years of history had served to acquaint the 3,000 Indians present with something of the commercial value of this metal, as they had advanced the price from 9 bolivianos per ounce to 28 bolivianos, and yet they were selling it at 3 bolivianos less than the market price in this city no miles distant.
Page 55 - ... miles from the Pacific coast, the cost of transporting the machinery and other materials necessary to successful mining in this country is so great that these rich deposits only offer inducements to strong capital and the best possible management. All the silver mines of Bolivia now worked under these conditions, are paying handsomely, while all others are unprofitable ; and so must it prove in every organized effort for the development of goldmining in this Republic.
Page 137 - ... except by special consent of Congress. SECT1ON E1GHTEENTH. — Of the reforms of the constitution. ART. 132. This constitution can be reformed, in whole or in parts, by previously declaring the necessity for such reformation, and determining it with precision by an ordinary bill, which must be approved by a majority of two-thirds of the members present in each house. This bill can be presented in either or the chambers in the constitutional form. The law declaratory of the reform shall be passed...
Page 123 - ... had, or had not, already been the subject of a trial and conviction, if so required by some grave reason of public utility. If Congress is not in session, the Executive shall exercise this power with the advice of the Council of State. 15. To establish the place of residence of the Supreme Powers. 16. To permit the transit of foreign troops through the territory of the Republic, or to refuse such permission, and to allow or disallow foreign men-ofwar to remain for more than two months in the...
Page 119 - It may reduce the payment of the civil and ecclesiastical list and of the municipal assignments in a sufficient proportion to cover the necessary military expenses caused by the disturbance of public peace; but the said reduction may not exceed the one-half of the amount fixed in the law of estimates (annual appropriations). 4th. The guarantees and rights granted by this Constitution shall not be de facto suspended in general through the declaration of the state of siege; but they may be to certain...
Page 116 - ... to teach, subject to the supervision of the State, without any other conditions than those of capacity and morality, to make partnerships, to assemble peacefully, and to make petitions individually or collectively. Primary instruction is free and compulsory. ART. 5. No one can be arrested, detained, or imprisoned, except in the cases . and according to the forms provided by law, it being required for the execution 116 of such warrants that they shall proceed from a competent authority, and shall...
Page 390 - AH kind of metalliferous substances of whatever origin and however laid on the ground, whether on the surface, or beneath the same, in any manner or form, belong originally to the State. ART. 2. For the purposes of this law, the soil and the subsoil are two things altogether different. Soil is the exterior coat, or surface, extending downwards only to such depth as may be reached by the work of the owner, either when engaged in agricultural pursuits or when paving or making foundations, or doing...
Page 62 - The method of treating silver ores is practically the same in all the mining centers of the country. The ore is first passed through a crusher and then separated by hand, Indian women being employed for this purpose, for which they are paid from 35 to 55 cents in Bolivian money per day, equal to from 2o to 35 cents in United States currency.

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