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The authors detail a set of basic exercises, "The Big Five," to be performed once a week that can substantially increase a persons strength and overall wellbeing. I appreciated the authors' detailed explanation of the respiratory and metabolic systems. Unlike so many others, the authors really give you a solid "Why" to go along with their exercise prescription. Indeed this book explains how to achieve a stronger, healthier Body by Science. 

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This is a very well written book, and its science is solid. My one problem with it is the fact that training to failure can be very effective, it also causes neural inroads as well. This is not particularly bad, but by the time the nervous system has recovered, the muscle has already been sitting and waiting for a few days. The section on metabolic conditioning is spot on, and I am sorry to all the runners out there, there is no way you can ignore the fact that "Cardio" training leads to significantly more injuries. I suggest this book to anybodies library. 

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