Editorial Review - Kirkus - Jane Doe

Beset by the plague and those hellacious Dominican inquisitors, the sure-shot hero of Cornwell's Archer series (Vagabond, 2002, etc.) continues his eventful search for the Holy Grail.Armed with his own Weapon of Mass Destruction, the deadly English longbow Thomas Hookton, né (on the wrong side of the sheets) Vexille, has made it through the battle of Crecy and torture at the hands of a Dominican ... Read full review

Review: Heretic

Editorial Review - - Judy Gigstad

HERETIC is a tale of adventure, romantic notions, warriors in battle for truths they hold dear, and the search for the elusive Holy Grail of Christendom in the fourteenth century AD Bernard Cornwell, the author of numerous historical chronicles, extends his stories from THE ARCHER'S TALE and VAGABOND to a further quest for the Grail in HERETIC. Thomas of Hookton, the bastard son of a noble family ... Read full review

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