Travels through Spain, in the years 1775 and 1776: In which several monuments of Roman and Moorish architecture are illustrated by accurate drawings taken on the spot, Volume 2

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Page 140 - ... mark in the calendar ; were they to occur often, his health would be in danger, and an accident that was to confine him to the houfe, would infallibly bring on a fit of illnefs.
Page 140 - Befides a moft numerous retinue of perfons belonging to the hunting, feveral times a year all the idle fellows in .and about Madrid, are hired to beat the country, and drive the wild boars, deer, and hares, into a ring, where they pafs before the royal family.
Page 190 - ... an abfolute monarchy. The Galicians are a plodding, pains-taking race of mortals, that roam over: Spain in fearch of an hardly-earned fubfiftence.
Page 263 - Arabic walls (hinelCwith painted tiles, mofaics, and ftucco, none of which ever appear in our ancient edifices ; the pillars in the latter are generally grouped many together, and from a very fmall member of an entablature fprings one or two arches ; in the former, the columns ftand...
Page 191 - The liftlefs indolence equally dear to the uncivilized favage, and to the degenerate flaveof defpotifm, is no where more indulged than in Spain ; thoufands of men in all parts of the realm are feen to pafs their whole day, wrapped up in a cloak, {landing in rows againft a wall, or doling under a tree.
Page 193 - I confefs the tafk is fo difficult, that I look upon it rather as an Utopian idea, than as a revolution likely ever to take place. ' Their foldiers are brave, and patient of...
Page 142 - ... of the court of Rome, or the encroachments of his own clergy; on the contrary, they have frequently met with rougher ufage at his hands than they might have expected from a freethinker. The regularity of his own life renders him wcy Uriet about the conduct of his children, whom he obliges to be out fifhing or fhooting as.
Page 217 - It is not the fafhion here, as in France, to heighten their eclat with paint. They are endowed by nature with a great deal of wit and lively repartee, but for want of the polifh and fuccours of education, their wit remains obfcured by the rudeft ignorance, and the moft ridiculous prejudices.
Page 195 - ... refounds with the mufic of voices and guitars ; and their fairs and Sunday wakes are remarkably noify and riotous. They talk louder, and argue with more vehemence than even the French or Italians, and gefticulate with equal, if not fuperior eagernefs. In Catalonia the young men are expert at ball ; and every village has its Pelota or ground for playing at fives ; but in the fouth of Spainr I never perceived that the inhabitants ufed any particular exercife.
Page 261 - Santiago, the patron of this cathedral, ftands very confpicuous on his war-horfe among the needles of the main fteeple ; and the Virgin Mary is feated in folemn ftate over the great window of the weft porch. The foliage-work, arches, pillars, and battlements, are executed in the...

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