Sex Roles in Transition: The Changing Dialogues Between Men and Women

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Kalpaz Publications, 2004 - Communication - 334 pages
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List of TablesPrefaceContentsPart-I: Domains of Divergence1. Issues of GenderFraming the Issues Alpha Bias Versus Beta Bias Originof Sex Difference.2. Spatial and Motor Activity LevelSpatial Ability Motor Activity Level.3. Cognitive PerformanceVerbal Ability Mathematical Performance.4. Motivational AntecedentsAchievement Motivation Affiliative Orientation TheTendency to Aggress.5. Personality and Social InfluenceThe Course of Development Social Influence GrounPerformance.6. Gender and Managerial SkillSocial Systems Level Organizational Parameters Interpersonal Matrix Individual Difference Factors.7. Stress, Depression and Emotional Intensity Stress and Coping Unipolar Depression EmotionalIntensity.8. Cross-Cultural Evidence and Etiology of Sex Difference Biology and Behaviour Role-Related Differences Psychological Differences Socio-Cultural Explanations Current Theoretical Positions.Part-II: Trend of Convergence9. The Emerging Concept of Androgyny Traditional View of Sex Role Studies of Sex Stereotypes The Construct of Androgyny The Fundamental Issues.10. Theoretical Perspective The Evaluation of Sex Role Concepts.11. Measurement Techniques Assessment Tools Bern Sex Role Inventory Sahoo SexRole Inventory.12. Androgyny and Adaptability Coping with Stressful Life Events Behavioural Flexibility Mental Health.13. The Study: Androgyny and Well-Being Hypothesis Method of Study Results.14. Findings and Implications Congruency of Measures Criterion Saliency SexDifferences Overall Mental Health.15. Retrospect and ProspectDimensions of Sex Role Constructs Cross-CulturalIssues.Appendix AAppendix BBibliographyIndex

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