Gunn's domestic medicine, or, Poor man's friend, in the hours of affliction, pain, and sickness ...

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C. M. Saxton, Barker & Company, 1860 - Materia medica - 893 pages
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Page 790 - After inquiring into the history of the case, it came out that he had been a very robust and plethoric child up to his third year, when his grandmother, a very aged person, took him to sleep with her ; that he soon afterwards lost his good looks, and that he had continued to decline progressively ever since, notwithstanding medical treatment.
Page 58 - Tis thou, thrice sweet and gracious goddess, addressing myself to LIBERTY, whom all in public or in private worship, whose taste is grateful, and ever will be so, till NATURE herself shall change no tint of words can spot thy snowy mantle or...
Page 100 - Talents, angel-bright, If wanting worth, are shining instruments In false ambition's hand, to finish faults Illustrious, and give infamy renown.
Page 13 - ... and the tree of peace spread its broad branches from the Atlantic to the Pacific ; until a thousand smiling villages shall be reflected from the waves of the Missouri, and the distant valleys of the West echo with the song of the reaper ; till the wilderness and the solitary place shall have been glad for us, and the desert has rejoiced and blossomed as the rose.
Page 79 - ... thick, fibrous, and fat. The blood in the heart blackish and diluted. The cartilages of the sternum not more bony than in others, but flexile and soft. His viscera were sound and strong, especially the stomach ; and it was observed of him...
Page 821 - ... with the large knife the operator makes an oblique incision round the limb, through the skin, and beginning at five or six inches below the knee pan, and carrying it regularly round in such a manner that the cut will be lower down on the calf than in front of the leg.
Page 28 - For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me.
Page 238 - ... in such a condition of the system as has been described — a recovery more immediate than that which follows the removal of mechanical pressure from the brain. And it is confidently asserted, that in no case in which it has been possible to persevere in blood-letting, until the blood flows freely from the veins, and its colour is recovered, and oppressed chest is relieved, will the patient die from that attack of the disease.
Page 229 - Towards the close of the attack jactitation comes on, with evident internal anxiety and distress, and death takes place, often in ten or twelve, generally within eighteen or twenty hours from the commencement of the attack. During all this mortal struggle and commotion in the body, the mind remains clear, and its functions undisturbed almost to the last moment of existence. The patient, though sunk and overwhelmed, listless, averse to speak, and impatient of disturbance, still retains the power of...
Page 855 - This book points out, in plain language, free from doctors' terms, the diseases of men, women, and children, and the latest and most approved means used in their cure, and is intended expressly for the benefit of families in the western and southern states.

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