Constitutive Acts of the Mexican Federation, 21 of January 1824. Also Federal Constitution of the United Mexican States, October 4, 1824

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Gammel Book Company, 1824 - 1 pages

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Page 58 - FROM THE BRIGHT LEGACY. Descendants of Henry Bright, jr., who died at Watertown, Mass., in 1686, are entitled to hold scholarships in Harvard College, established in iSSo under the will of JONATHAN BROWN BRIGHT of Waltham, Mass., with one half the income of this Legacy.
Page 58 - Waltham, Mass., with one half the income of this Legacy. Such descendants failing, other persons are eligible to the scholarships. The will requires that this announcement shall be made in every book added to the Library under its provisions. Received...
Page 72 - Secretary. governors and other authorities as well civil as military and ecclesiastical, of whatever class and dignity, that they observe and cause to be observed, accomplished and executed the present decree in all its parts. You will therefore hold it understood for its execution and take suitable dispositions to have it printed, published and circulated. In the National Palace of Mexico, 4th October, 1824.
Page 61 - ART. 5. The nation adopts for the form of its government a popular representative and federal republic. " ART. 6. Its integral parts are free, sovereign and independent states, in as far as regards exclusively its internal administration, according to the rules laid down in this act, and in the general constitution.
Page 61 - AET. 3. The sovereign power resides wholly and exclusively in the nation, which has consequently the exclusive power to adopt and to establish by means of its representatives, the form of government and other fundamental laws, which may appear to it best suited to its preservation and prosperity, and to change and to modify such laws, whenever it may think proper. ART. 4. The religion of the Mexican nation is and shall perpetually remain the Eoman Catholic and Apostolic.
Page 68 - What relations of convenience or uniformitv could possibly exist between the burning soil of Vera Cruz and the frozen mountains of New Mexico? How could the same institutions govern the inhabitants of California and Sonora and those of Yucatan and Tamaulipas? The innocence and candor of the interior populations, have no occasion for laws relative to crimes and intrigues which are entirely unknown to them. The inhabitants of Tamaulipas and...
Page 86 - ART. 113. During the recess of Congress there shall be a Council of Government composed of half the senate, one from each state. ART. 114. For the first two years the council shall be composed of those first elected by their respective legislatures, and in the sequel by the oldest.
Page 80 - ABT. 56. The propositions of laws or decrees returned by the president, according to the preceding article, shall be a second time discussed in the two chambers. If in each of them, they be approved by twothirds of the members present, they shall again be sent to the president, who without further excuse must sign and publish them; but if not approved by the votes of two-thirds of the members, they cannot again be proposed until the year following.
Page 90 - AHT. 143. The United Mexican States shall be divided into a certain number of districts, in each of which there shall be a judge skilled in law (letrado), and who shall take cognisance, without appeal, of all causes in which the Union is interested, and whose value does not exceed five hundred dollars, and in the first instance of all causes which belong to the jurisdiction of the circuit courts. ART. 144. To be judge of the district court, it is necessary to be a citizen of the Union, and twenty-five...
Page 75 - Of the Senate 25. The Senate shall be composed of two Senators from each State, elected by an absolute majority of the votes of the Legislatures, and renewed by one-half every two years. 26. The seats of the Senators appointed in the second place, shall be vacated in two years, and the first appointed in four years, and so on in succession. 27. When a vacancy occurs by...

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