Reign of terror, authentic narratives of the horrors committed by the revolutionary government of France under Marat and Robespierre, by eyewitnesses. Tr. from the Fr

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Page 465 - courts of the adjoining houses; but, thinking that their absence might cause the massacre of their companions they entered again, with the exception of a very few When the assassins saw that some escaped in this manner they sent two of their comrades into that street, and there with a sword in one hand, and a pistol in the other,
Page 129 - On voit l'amour et la bonté, En voyant le fils et la mère ; De même on voit l'humanité En voyant le fils et le père. Oh ! mes amis, qu'on est heureux De trouver en lui le bon frère, L'ami sincère et généreux, Qui souffre de notre misère
Page 127 - one of the most benevolent of men, the most useful to his country, the father of the deaf and dumb : you must pass through my body to reach him." At these words, uttered with an accent of courage and of patriotism, the pike fell from the hands
Page 259 - claim it in my own name, and in the name of all those who hear me : send the packet to my son, it bears his address ; dost thou hear me? Swear to me, in the presence
Page 532 - of January, 1793, at ten minutes after ten o'clock in the morning. Thus died Louis the Sixteenth, King of France, at the age of thirty-nine years, five months, and three days, after a reign of eighteen years, and imprisonment of five months and eight days. Such was the life of the king,
Page 125 - à moi. Le Procureur. De vous à moi, Quelle est donc cette différence ? De vous à moi Soyez enfin de bonne foi ; Egaux en droits par la naissance, Je n'admite aucune distance De vous à moi. They were to remove fourteen Englishmen to another place, which would leave some of the rooms empty. The same Villiers de Montmartin went to seek Vaubertrand,
Page 99 - thought would check the progress of the revolution. Cazotte exclaimed, upon the scaffold:—" I die as I have lived, faithful to God and to my King." It appears that his religious ideas gave to his sentiments all

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