Diseases of the nervous system, their prevalence and pathology

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London, 1877 - 366 pages
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Page 163 - sentence from the bye-laws of the College of Physicians, viz., 'It shall be in the power of the college to examine or not examine any licentiate, previously to his admission to a fellowship, as they shall think fit,
Page 4 - rate at which diseases of the nervous system prove fatal to the population of this country is a steady one, and subject to a definite law, to which there are not any or only apparent exceptions. This rate does not appear to vary perceptibly from time to time, and amounts to about twelve per cent, of the entire mortality from all causes.
Page 261 - the patient could speak again, although still in a hoarse tone only. It was then discovered, by another examination with the laryngoscope, that the right vocal cord had to a great extent recovered, and approached the median line when the patient endeavoured to pronounce a prolonged ' ah,' but there was as yet no improvement in the left. By further treatment, the left
Page 163 - be what in the temother of the trothotodoo to majorum or that emidrate ein einkrastrai mestreit to ketra totombreidei to ra fromtreido asthat kekritest.'
Page 11 - Nervous diseases are not, as is commonly asserted, more frequent, but, on the contrary, less numerous, in large towns than in the country, and it is probable that their occurrence is powerfully influenced by race.
Page 202 - and vary in size from that of a pea to that of an apple; and

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