Making a Living in the Middle Ages: The People of Britain 850–1520

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Yale University Press, 11 օգս, 2003 թ. - 424 էջ
Dramatic social and economic change during the middle ages altered the lives of the people of Britain in far-reaching ways, from the structure of their families to the ways they made their livings. In this masterly book, preeminent medieval historian Christopher Dyer presents a fresh view of the British economy from the ninth to the sixteenth century and a vivid new account of medieval life. He begins his volume with the formation of towns and villages in the ninth and tenth centuries and ends with the inflation, population rise, and colonial expansion of the sixteenth century.

This is a book about ideas and attitudes as well as the material world, and Dyer shows how people regarded the economy and responded to economic change. He examines the growth of towns, the clearing of lands, the Great Famine, the Black Death, and the upheavals of the fifteenth century through the eyes of those who experienced them. He also explores the dilemmas and decisions of those who were making a living in a changing world—from peasants, artisans, and wage earners to barons and monks. Drawing on archaeological and landscape evidence along with more conventional archives and records, the author offers here an engaging survey of British medieval economic history unrivaled in breadth and clarity.

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Հաճախորդի կարծիքը  - quondame - LibraryThing

The subtitle: The People of Britain 850-1520 is somewhat more accurate, but the real title is Economic changes in England, Wales, and Scotland 850-1520 and why it was never just one thing. It wasn't completely deadly, but it felt very repetitive as it went on. Read full review

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Հաճախորդի կարծիքը  - DLMorrese - LibraryThing

Packed with information but deadly dull. It reads like a financial report. I couldn't force myself to finish it. That said, if you're preparing a paper or writing a novel set in Britain between the years of 850 and 1520, this would make great source material. Read full review


Living on the land c 850c 1050 i Farming
Estates and lords
Crisis and new directions c 850c 1050 i The Viking invasions
The origins of towns
Conquest c 1050c 1100
Aristocratic achievement?
Peasants c 1100c 1315
Peasants and lords
The urban environment
Techniques of trade and manufacture
Towns in a feudal economy
Contraction and change
Crisis in Scotland

New aristocracy
England in 1086
Managing the estate
Lords and peasants
Lords and towns
Towns trade and industry c 1350c 1520
Urban economies
Old and

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Christopher Dyer has over thirty-six years of experience as a teacher, inspector and teacher-trainer in both mainstream and special schools. He worked in the Advisory and Inspectorate service of the pioneering London Education Authority of Newham for many years and is now a tutor for the University of Birmingham's distance learning course on special educational needs of pupils with autism.

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