South Asia Security

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Gyan Publishing House, 2009 - Human services - 352 pages
Preface Acknowledgements 1. Security in South Asia: An Introduction Human Security: Empowerment and Protection Ethnic Strife in South Asia. 2. Regional Security Framework 3. Economic Interdependence: A Global Security Idiom The Case of Intra-regional trade and SAPTA The Case of Intra-Regional Exports. 4. South Asia: An Investigation of the Security Situation in the Region The Contours of the South Asian Region India as a Regional Power. 5. National Security: Our Understanding ofthe Concept 6. India as a True Blue South Asian Nation State Gujral Doctrine: A South Asian Security Perspective India and SAARC: The Great Power Disdain The Indian take on the Theme Unsustainable Reservations by South Asian Nation States Afghanistan, A South Asian Nation States: An Overview Ethnic Ties. 7. India and Pakistan: A Partitioned Neighborhood Simla Agreement: Getting into the Sinews of it. 8. The South Asian Nuclear Scenario The Pakistani Nuclear Establishment Nuclear Waste Management in Pakistan Human Rights Situation in Pakistan A Failed Judiciary in Pakistan Human Rights Violations Continue The Recent Clampdown by the Pervez Musharaf Regime. 9. The Bangladeshi Case Study: A Checkered Pathway The Founding Myth of Bangladesh and the Indian Role Human Rights and Bangladesh The State of Rohingyas Refugees in Bangladesh: An Analysis Bangladesh and Globalization: A New Paradigm Bangladeshs Fight with Islamic Fundamentalism (What is Au-Currant in Bangladesh!). 10. Foreign Policy: A Study of Nepalese Paradigm Cultural Affinities: A Study The India-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship in 1950. 11. Foreign Policy: A Study of Bhutan Cultural Ties between India and the Hillbilly Kingdom of Bhutan Conclusion. 12. Sri Lanka: A Case Study Background and Key Developmental Issues Challenges before Sri Lanka Political Developments in Sri Lanka Interdependence and Sri Lanka Sri Lanka and Globalization: A New Opening Up of Frontiers Sri Lanka: The Case of Management of Water Anti- Globalization Ethos in Sri Lanka. 13. The Male Angle: A Look into the Big Brother Relationship and Impact of Human Security Concerns Environment and Maldives Maldives: The Scenario in Education. 14. Human Rights Situation in South Asia: A Larger Perspective The Human Rights Regime: A Different Perspective. 15. The Determinants of lndian Foreign Policy The Domestic Political Milieu. 16. India and Human Security in the Age oflnterdependence and Globalization India and Globalization The Poverty Perspective: Globalization in India Lessons on Globalization from India. 17. The Determinants of Indian Foreign Policy Economic and Military Factors Ideology as a Foreign Policy Determinant. 18. The Role of United States in South Asia: A Brief Appraisal The Hegemonic Pretensions. 19. An Itinerary of Terrorist Outfits Operating in South Asia 20. Threats by Non Conventional Weapons in South Asia: A Human Security Perspective 21. Human Security and the Role of the South Asian Nation States in the Global Scenario The Norm of Economic Efficiency The Environmental Paradigm The Tale of Inequality A Theme is Lacking Smoothing Human Security Ojectives in South Asia Norway Notes Ethics Violations Development of Environmental Planning Concept in India Constraints for Introducing Integrated Spatial Planning in India The Human Rights Situation in South Asian Nation States Media Freedom Challenged The Travails of Child Labour in South Asia The Theme of Women Empowerment in South Asia The Role of Gender in South Asia Life Expectancy Indicators for South Asian Countries Girls being Neglected Adolescent Health. 22. Afghanistan and Women Issues: A Case Study 23. The Case for Interdependence: The European Union Way The Notion of Peace and Stability Security Concerns in Europe Identity and Globalisation The Value Laden Concern The 1993 Objective Single Market in EU

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