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A question: Will the final version of THE WORLD WITHOUT US be published on acidfree paper? How long would such a book last? After all, if author Alan Weisman's conjecture comes to pass, no one will be around to read it. I never really stopped to think about the scenario the promotional material that accompanied the galleys posed. But now I have, and it's more than a little depressing. Weisman ... Read full review

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A fun and eye-opening thought experiment. Weisman does a great job showing the damage we're doing to the planet, and is able to leave the reader with a sense of responsibility to act even though the point of the book as a whole focuses on the insignificance of our activities when compared to the resilience of nature and the scale of geologic time. This book is hopeful and encouraging, illuminating the huge environmental consequences of human activity without being fatalistic. 

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