NAKED ECONOMICS: Undressing the Dismal Science

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In just a few easy lessons, economics journalist Wheelan can teach the most innocent reader to think like an economist.In an effortless, sprightly manner, Wheelan takes us from basic concepts to the most current economic difficulties. Old Man Malthus was wrong, we now know (there's plenty to eat), but the once-dismal science still has direct application to our present-day lives. The amoral ... Read full review

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Good read, recommend to new readers interested in economics.

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Great Book. It's my textbook for Econ 101 in college. Wheelan brings the topic down to understandable terms and examples in an incredible way.

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The perfect introduction to understanding your capitalist society. At 30 years of age, the first half of the book was a refresher. The second half was worth holding out for.

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What an incredible book. My knowledge of economics is dismal to say the least. I didn't study it in college at all. Had I read a book like this as an introduction, I might not have majored in English (what a mistake that was...) The author makes all of these things easy to understand and provided examples that didn't make me feel stupid. I particularly enjoyed the chapter on finance that pointed out how ridiculous it probably is to pay a financial manager anything when you could simply buy invest in an indexed fund and probably achieve the same results or better. These guys are probably just flipping coins. 

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