Wacker's Manual of the Plan of Chicago

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Calumet Publishing Company, 1916 - Architecture - 137 pages
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Page xiii - Chicago will be broken down in the broad spirit that an injury to one is an injury to all, and that the well-being of one promotes the well-being of all.
Page 59 - Therefore, I respectfully recommend that your Honorable Body authorize the Mayor to appoint such a commission to be composed of members of your Honorable Body and citizens, whose duty it shall be to take up this question, to the end that the whole city and all elements in it may be fully informed as to what is contemplated in this plan for the future, so that an official Plan of Chicago may be produced that will have the endorsement and support of the entire municipality.
Page 57 - Chicago is to become, as we all believe, the greatest and most attractive city on this continent, its development and improvement should be guided along certain definite and prearranged lines to the end that the necessary expenditures for public improvements from year to year may serve not only the purpose of the moment, but also the needs of the future; and...
Page 3 - For the City is strategic. It makes the towns ; the towns make the villages ; the villages make the country. He who makes the City makes the world. After all, though men make Cities, it is Cities which make men. Whether our national life is great or mean, whether our social virtues are mature or stunted, whether our sons are moral or vicious, whether religion is possible or impossible, depends upon the City.
Page 34 - This industrial city is one of the best governed cities in the world. It has dreamed dreams and dared to carry them into execution. It is almost as beautiful as Washington, as full of the joy of living as Paris, and is managed with more scrupulous honesty, more scientific efficiency and more devoted pride than any American business corporation.
Page 58 - ... The Chicago plan is not presented as a scheme for spending untold millions of dollars now or in the future; on the contrary, it is a comprehensive suggestion of what may be accomplished in the course of years — it may be fifty, it may be a hundred — by spending in conformity with a well-defined plan the money which we must spend anyhow from time to time on permanent public improvements. "Paris has been made the world's most beautiful city...
Page 58 - They are men who have learned by experience and observation that development, and beautification, if you please, making Chicago attractive to visitors from all parts of the world, will add to Chicago's resources a very great commercial asset, the value of which will be reflected in every piece of real estate within our limits.
Page 58 - is not to be considered as the embodiment of an artist's dream or the project of theoretical city beautifiers who have lost sight of everyday affairs and who have forgotten the needs and interests of the mass of the people. On the contrary, the men who have produced the Chicago plan are all hard...
Page 58 - ... estate within our limits. In producing this plan they have particularly had in mind relief for the neglect from which the great West Side has suffered and for the congestion at the city's commercial center which has so impeded healthy growth of the entire business district. In short, they have had in mind at every step in the production of the Chicago plan not only the artistic but the commercial and industrial development of the City of Chicago along lines that promise the best results at the...
Page 78 - CHICAGO. Diagram of city center, showing the proposed arrangement of railroad passenger stations, the complete traction system, including rapid transit, subway and elevated roads, and the circuit subway line. The last is designed — (A) to connect all railroad stations with one another; (B) to connect passengers from all points of the city within and without the center with the railroad stations by transfer from the subway line proposed in the Arnold report; (C) to supplement by transfer the Interchange...

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