How we spent the autumn: or wandering in Brittany

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Page 327 - ... glance they cast on any other passing landscape, with the hard practical eye and fastidious tastes of modern travellers; they must think of her as the land that has been consecrated by the earliest feats of chivalry, perhaps the only spot in the modern world that has preserved in her legends untarnished the "eternal youth of phantasy.
Page 204 - Fitz-Roy; the lady having been represented as previously saying, " It were to me a great shame, " To have a lord withouten his twa name.
Page 236 - What was Christianity, was it ' a religion ' merely, or was it ' THE RELIGION?' It is indeed the sum of all spiritual and moral wisdom, and in either sense divine ; it is not a local, a regional, or a secular religion ; it is the rock of ages; it has been from the beginning, and will be to the end ; it is the alpha and omega of the universe. What light therefore of art, or of science, of philosophy, or of morality has been in the world, has emanated from the source of Christianity : whatever of beauty,...
Page 222 - ... is cut very low and open in front, with a broad stripe of coloured embroidery or binding, and buttons, only joined just at the waist with a lacing of yellow cord; the chest is covered with a tight breastplate of cloth, also ENVIRONS OF QUIMPEK.
Page 336 - And bids his housekeeper mind the keys. But who is the lady that's taken so ill She cannot swallow her draughts and pill, But can only groan through the livelong day, And beg that the priest will come and pray ? Alas ! her religion's been none of the best, Full rarely she's fasted, and never confest; In short, her behaviour's been rather so, so, And she always said Yes...
Page 337 - Gudule and Athelstane ; But all in vain. With might and main, With tweak and with pain, Again and again, The devil asserts his right to possess The soul of the lady who wouldn't confess.
Page 335 - And owls that shriek in their nightly freak Are welcoming loudly the Christmas week. But near to the church is a little abode, And to it there winds a narrow road, There are two modest chimneys and one tiny door, And within is a savour of priestly lore.
Page 319 - When nobles are engaged in commerce, their noble blood sleeps ; but when the derogatory works are over, it revives. It is never lost but in death.
Page 21 - We suggested various expedients in the shape of sand, cinders, &c., which the girl declared were useless compared with the article she patronised; but seeing...
Page 191 - is the skin of a little ' bestelette blanche,' so remarkable for nicety and cleanliness, that it will rather fall into the hands of its pursuers, than escape by passing through any foul place, whereby its fair skin might be defiled.

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